Doc Savage Spider’s Web #2 Review


By Chris Roberson, Cezar Razek, Dijo Lima, Simon Bowland, Wilfred Torres and Kelly Fitzpatrick

I love the fact that Chris Roberson is writing Doc Savage again. His previous 8 issue mini was a gloriously modern take on the character without sacrificing what makes him special and the forerunner to Superman.

This mini-series takes place after the previous mini, when the internet has been destroyed, Doc took a life-prolonging serum to slow his aging and started a worldwide corporation to fight calamity and crime. Investigating a possible terrorist cell using vibrational device to cause earthquakes, Doc realizes its connected to an old case from the 1930s. Thus, this issue flashes back to that case and reveals the true culprit behind the attacks.

On the art side, Cezar Razek does an impressive job at depicting the Man of Bronze in the 00’s and ’30s. He’s good at illustrating the action, character expressions and enviroments. He surpasses most of the standards that Dynamite sets in its art quality. Dijo Lima’s colors accentuate Razek’s pencils and give them a nice extra dimension. Also of note is that his Doc Savage resembles more Ron Ely’s portrayal in the 1975 movie than the Widow’s Peak helmet that we usually see.

Overall, Doc is another step closer in the mystery of the Oscillator terrorist but the falshback-centric issue lacks the excitement of the first issue. Seeing Doc’s modern day exploits at Earthquake relief and solving a new mystery takes a backseat to recreate a classic Man of Bronze tale. It’d would have been nice if Roberson had balanced out the new and old of the story, since part of the miniseries appeal is seeing Doc Savage in the modern context. Not a bad issue but not as exciting as the previous one.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good,  Great, Excellent

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