Review of Red Sonja #1

310247._SX640_QL80_TTD_by Marguerite Bennett, Aneke & Jorge Sutil 

Dynamite had given the Red Sonja series a new life by getting veteran & fan favorite DC Comics writer Gail Simone to take over the title. Simone was able to key into the character by reexamining her core concept from a more enlightened take on the property that lead to one of the most successful run’s on the title in recent memory. That success has allowed Simone the opportunity to reboot several Dynamite properties with the creators of her choosing, starting with rising star Marguirite Bennett to take over Red Sonja from the writer.

Bennett begins her time on the title making an interesting choice in having the character’s setting radically change in the debut issue and then makes light of how she deals with it. Bennett goes for humor in the opening chapter of the series and it kind of works in the abstract, but also lacks enough substance for the story to engage. Bennett’s plot is humorous in it’s way and it ends somewhere with potential, but there isn’t much to it outside of that. In theory, this story is a way of revealing aspects of the character by showing what she is like in absence of something that has defined her, but the problem with Red Sonja #1 is that it has very little going for it besides that. This is certainly something that could be fleshed out further in future installments, yet in the context of this single issue, it’s lacking. Artist Aneke does give the book a cool visual narrative in a more cartoonish style that is unexpected but welcome. In that way it matches the intended tone of the writing really well. Colorist Jorge Sutil hue’s are mostly bright and it fit’s the mood of the comic.

In the end, Red Sonja feel’s like it could be going somewhere interesting, but it fails to connect in it’s first installment. While this book certainly has the potential to reach the heights of Simone’s time on the book, it doesn’t get there in it’s debut.

3 thoughts on “Review of Red Sonja #1”

  1. Its me or the art looks a little bit cheessy for Red Sonja? I mean, I get it in the store and was like new Barbie girl adventures. (Even with the new chanmail).

  2. Brian Reed did away with the rape back story in his run on the first series and had Sonja start out as a happily married woman. She learns her skills on her own and not in a slave pit to boot. First series writer Eric Trautmann changed her costume to her original look of mail shirt and leather. There is very little Simone or Bennett did first in updating the character.

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