Review of Amazing Forest #1

329216._SX640_QL80_TTD_by Eric Freitas, Ulises Farinas, Julian Dufour, Matt Rota, Melody Often & Yumi Sakugawa

The debut of Amazing Forest is an interesting if not inconsistent comics anthology that get’s better with each chapter.

All the comics in Amazing Forest are written by the Judge Dredd team of Eric Freitas & Ulises Farinas. To their credit, the four separate stories span a wide range of genre’s and they feel written to match the style of each individual artist. That said, Amazing Forest is uneven in it’s quality with the final two entries far surpassing the first. This isn’t really a problem of the artist per say as each is fundamentally solid and unique in their own way. More that much of the writing lacks anything distinctive about it. Freitas & Farinas have made a significant mark on the new Judge Dredd ongoing partially by having such a unique and modern take on the property but in Amazing Forest, that same feeling of excitement isn’t always there. Unlike more successful anthologies such as Island or Dark Horse Presents, Freitas & Farinas are writing everything here and while they manage to make each individual story feel different from one other, they don’t always work. As a series, Amazing Forest will always be limited by the range of it’s writers and while they’ve proven to be great on a singular narrative in their Dredd work, the prospects of Amazing Forest working really hinges on how much the two can do in a very limited amount of space. That’s asking a lot; more accomplished writers like Hickman or Snyder would have difficulty pulling that off, Farinas & Freitas have just started writing together at this level. As it’s debut issue most distinctive factor is it’s unevenness, if and how they improve on that will determine the titles success.

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