Loose Ends 10/23/2015

There was one final Star Wars trailer and it was fucking glorious

I09 does a shot by shot breakdown

At Grantland, Jason Conception discusses how the Star Wars jacket game is aces

While Albert Burneko worries that the movie may actually suck while making the argument that Return Of The Jedi actually sucks and because of that, the majority of Star Wars films suck as well at Deadspin

To have an idea of how much of an impact this trailer has had, The Inactives, a podcast that is exclusively about the NFL, spends the first 26 minutes of this weeks show talking about Star Wars and then incorporates it into their fantasy football advise. Eddy Lacy & Sam Bradford are called this season Jar Jar Binks

Alex Abad Santos writes about how diversity is making DC Comics great again at Vox

Andrew Wheeler writes at Comics Alliance about the conservative backlash against Sam Wilson: Captain America #1

Rich Johnston interviews Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson at Bleeding Cool about variant covers, late books, the status of Nowhere Men & more

John Siuntres talks to Skottie Young about his Marvel work, I Hate Fairyland and his influences

Matt Wilson & Chris Sims catch up with Erica Henderson about Jughead, convention sketches & Squirel Girl on the War Rock Ajax podcast

Richard Deitsch gets author Andrew James Miller of Live From New York & These Guys Have All The Fun to talk about the influential website Grantlands slow disintegration after the firing of the sites founder Bill Simmons on the SI Media Now Podcast


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