This Year’s Finest 2015: Uncovering the Best Covers

How many stellar comic book covers were there this year? So many that instead of restricting myself to an arbitrary number like 10 or even 20, I have assembled a list of 26 spanning a variety of artists and styles. As in the past, I limited myself to one selection per artist or series.

All entries are alphabetical according to title.

Arcadia 2 Matt Taylor
Arcadia #2 by Matt Taylor

Black Widow 15 Phil Noto
Black Widow #15 by Phil Noto
Book of Death 2 Cary Nord
Book of Death #2 by Cary Nord
Catwoman 46 Darwyn Cooke
Catwoman #46 by Darwyn Cooke
Dark Knight III The Master Race 1 Bill Sienkiewicz
Dark Knight III: The Master Race #1 by Bill Sienkiewicz
Dead Drop 2 Raul Allen
Dead Drop #2 by Raul Allen
Divinity #4 by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic
Divinity #4 by Jelena Kevic-Djurdjevic
Groot 1 Declan Shalvey
Groot #1 by Declan Shalvey
Guardians of the Galaxy 23 Christian Ward
Guardians of the Galaxy #23 by Christian Ward
Inhumans Attila Rising 3 Alex Maleev
Inhumans Attila Rising #3 by Alex Maleev
Island 2 Emma Rios(resize)
Island #2 by Emma Rios
Material 4 Tom Muller(resize)
Material #4 by Tom Muller
Mind MGMT 32 Matt Kindt
Mind MGMT #32 by Matt Kindt
Mighty Thor 1 Olivier Coipel
The Mighty Thor #1 by Olivier Coipel
Ms Marvel 1 Cliff Chiang
Ms Marvel #1 by Cliff Chiang
Planet Hulk 2 Mike Del Mundo
Planet Hulk #2 by Mike Del Mundo
Rocket Raccoon 7 Skottie Young
Rocket Raccoon #7 by Skottie Young
Saga 31 Fiona Staples
Saga #31 by Fiona Staples
Scarlet Witch 1 David Aja(resize)
Scarlet Witch #1 by David Aja
Secret Avengers 15 Tradd Moore
Secret Avengers #15 by Tradd Moore
Secret Wars Battleworld 2 James Stokoe
Secret Wars Battleworld #2 by James Stokoe
The Spire 1 by Jeff Stokely
The Spire #1 by Jeff Stokely
Southern Bastards 10 Jason Latour
Southern Bastards #10 by Jason Latour
Trees 12 Jason Howard
Trees #12 by Jason Howard
Storm 11 Stephanie Hans
Storm #11 by Stephanie Hans
Wicked + Divine 13 Tula Lotay
The Wicked + The Divine #13 by Tula Lotay


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