Tuesday Top Ten: Books That Should Be Comics

Adaptations of other media is a long tradition in comics, with adaptations of other printed stories a natural part of that. Adapting literary works is good to bring in fans of those stories while at the same time offering comic readers a taste of something different. With  that in mind, here are ten stories I think should get a comic adaptation…


#10. Darkly Dreaming Dexter:

Marvel is already publishing a Dexter run of miniseries, but has never adapted the book that started it all. Jeff Lindsey, the original writer, already writes the comic books so it wouldn’t be hard to get his permission to redo one of his most famous books in visual form. Since the minis often run late anyway, this would be a good way to fill the gaps as well as give a team the chance to re-envision Lindsey’s first novel and touch up some of its weaker elements. At the same time, elements of the book were never touched on in the TV series such as Dexter’s strange visions of the Ice Truck Killer or his striking resemblance to Dexter himself (In the show, they are revealed to be brothers while the book relates them to be near twins in appearance).

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