This Week’s Finest: I Hate Fairyland #4

I Hate Fairyland 4 Skottie Young
Skottie Young

By Skottie Young & Jean-Francois Beaulieu

Fluffin’ Fairyland.

For the past twenty-seven years, child Gertrude has been wandering throughout the magical realms of Fairyland in search of the Key which will lead her home. See, she was sucked out of her cozy bedroom and stranded in this colorful world of delights. During the course of her quest she has seen many wild sights and run afoul of a few strange creatures. Her mind has been aged by the experience if her body has not grown a day older. Yeah, it is odd. Gertrude’s patience ran out long ago, replaced by the quick-tempered rage of a woman who just wants a night of peace in her own bed. Is that too much to ask? Apparently yes, as Gertrude and her guide Larry make no progress in their journey, unless by progress, you measure the number of dismembered, bloody corpses that Gertrude leaves in her wake.

This is the premise behind Skottie Young’s first creator-owned title, I Hate Fairyland. He has taken the framework of the traditional child’s tale and twisted it around several times until it bleeds rather copiously. Gertrude has not only a short fuse, but a violent one as well. Her initial reaction to any dilemma is to chop her way through it, preferably with as much G-rated profanity as possible. She is definitely a spirited individual who refuses to take no for an answer, even from the Queen of Fairyland. This headstrong attitude makes her a compelling protagonist, as well as one who is easy to cheer for. Sure she may be a bit vulgar, but you would be too after nearly three decades in this place.

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The Fix & Black Road Coming In April From Image Comics

spencer-lieber-the-fix-teaser-d6d21The creative teams of Superior Foes of Spiderman & The Massive will have their previously announced Image series debut in April of 2016 with Nick Spencer & Steve Lieber’s The Fix along with Brian Wood & Garry Brown’s Black Road. In addition, Image will be releasing another Criminal One Shot, a new installment of Hawaiian Dick & a reprint of Ryan Ottley’s Grizzly Shark. More details at CBR

The Return of the Campy Villian


It used to be that when you had a colorful hero in the Super variety, there was an equally colorful villain opposite him with an over the top demeanor and wacky scheme. After a time we wanted to take our heroes, and by extension villains, as more real and grown up. Mad scientists and criminals with circus fetishes were replaced by evil corporate CEOs and foreign terrorists. Like all things, this has come full circle with the heroes becoming less stiff and more relaxed and the villains are slowly reflecting that. But why did they vanish in the first place, and how are we seeing them again today? Continue reading The Return of the Campy Villian

Steve Rogers Will Return In Additional Captain America Series By Spencer & Saiz

portrait_uncannyCurrent writer of Captain America Sam Wilson will be launching another Captain America title in the summer of 2016 with the return of the Steve Rogers character to the title with art Jesus Saiz of Swamp Thing, Green Lantern & Birds Of Prey. The Steve Rogers ongoing will co-exist with the Sam Wilson ongoing with both characters holding the title of Captain America. More details at Marvel