Rick and Morty #23 Review


By Kyle Starks, CJ Cannon, Katy Farina, Marc Ellerby, CRANK!

Doofus Rick is almost ready to complete his conquest of the Multiverse, and Rick Sanchez of Earth C-137 has one final plan to stop him: a giant fighting robot son!

Kyle Starks brings in some classic Rick and Morty references like  the Morty field (which can disguise any Rick in any Universe with rays of stupidity) and the universe of giant butts.  The plot of this issue is surprisingly intricate, Doofus Rick and Jerry manage to return to Jerry’s Earth with a improvised teleportation juice, Rick builds a giant Voltron-esque robot which falls to Doofus Jerry’s giant robot.

Just when things look darkest, Jerry tries to be a hero and immediately fails. That’s the catalyst for a giant space worm eating Doofus Jerry and saving the Multiverse, which in turn gives us a satisfying conclusion to this arc. It ends up being Doofus Rick’s invention that saves the day rather than Rick’s giant robot, but of course its the latter who gets the credit for stopping Doofus Jerry.

CJ Cannon gets to illustrate some fun scenes like an Earth ruled by giant toasters or a pair of gender bent Doofus Rick and Jerry.  Cannon’s art helps to sell the punch-lines as well, like a cat-person Beth, a trio of Beths with no eyebrows, and Satyr Morty. None of those really affect the plot, but they’re a nice visual to chuckle at. Marc Ellerby gets to draw a fun story starring Summer working in a clothing store. Like most retail jobs, its soul-crushing work. She gets the idea to use Mr.Meseeks to help her do her job, but one is so anal about his task that he undoes the work all the others did which forces Summer to actually do her job alone. It’s a nice little short story that gives Summer some spotlight after not having much to do in the past arc.

Overall, this is an admirable wrap-up to the “Evil Jerry almost conquers everything” story. Starks raised the stakes and tied everything together in a subtle but effective manner. As usual, a strong licensed series but also a strong series on its own. It fills that Rick and Morty Season 3 void but reminds you of why you love these characters and specific humor in the first place.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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