The Fix #8 Review


By Nick Spencer, Steve Lieber, Ryan Hill, Iron Bark

Our “heroes” deal with the fallout of their actions from the last issue, and Roy tries to track down a murder suspect…

We get some snapshots of Pretzels’ backstory and how he become a drug-detecting beast followed by Mac and his girl waiting to hear his diagnosis after surgery. Pretzels was shot protecting Mac after he set up a failed drug pass and Mac resolves to catch the SOB that got his partner shot. Meanwhile, Roy interrogates a movie star for the murder of Elania, the actress he failed to protect. He pegs the movie star because of his previous relationship to Elania, which falls apart when he reveals he’s gay and about to come out next week when he announces his next role as David Bowie in a biopic. He points Roy to a secret shady sex club where he can’t possibly get into trouble.

Spencer balances the sob and laugh beats well with his dialogue, with Mac’s girl distraught over Pretzels fate and Tobias Lake shredding Roy’s assumptions step by step. It’s not hard to give someone the feels by focusing on a cute beagle, but Spencer does it well.

On art, Lieber and Hill show how worried the aforementioned couple are with clear storytelling and a funny little chase between Roy and Tobias later on. Hill’s color pallette really shines in this issue, with cool colors consisting of greens and purples along with the occasional splash of orange. It’s a very vibrant issue, like if Baz Luhrmann directed an episode of Mad Men. 

A nice middle chapter that moves things along and puts Roy and Mac further on their respective plots. I’m given to think they’ll tie in together somehow but I’m not sure when. The Fix #8 maintains the stellar quality of the title and the creative team behind it. For its fans, it’s a no-brainer buy and is sure to make you laugh and cry.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent


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