Predator vs Judge Dredd vs Aliens #4 Review


By John Layman, Chris Mooneyham, Michael Atiyeh, Michael Heisler, Glenn Fabry and Adam Brown

The final showdown between the Predators, Aliens, Dredd, and Dr.Reinstott is here. With all of Mega City One in the balance, it should be an epic conclusion. Instead, it all sort of falters to its predictable beats.

For as iconic as the Predators and Aliens (or Xenomorphs for die-hard fans) are, putting them together almost never turns out as well as watching them separately. Perhaps because the Xenomorphs are so deadly and fearsome, and the Predators so lethally armed, it limits the writer’s freedom in pitting them against each other? After all, it makes more sense for human characters to side with the Predators who are able to reason and operate to a code. Yet, thats the story we always see. Dredd allied himself with the Predators to fight Dr.Reinstott and the Aliens, and they win because thats really the only way this story could end. Even the animal spliced Xenomorphs don’t merit much entertainment value, maybe because Xenomorphs are already fearsome enough.

Even the art feels drab and rushed, in spite of all the action that is supposed to be unfolding. Many panels feel flat and lifeless, with the action cramped in spots and unable to shine. In a way, we get pages of talking heads in places where we should be seeing exciting gore play out across the page.

It’s a disappointing end to a miniseries that had so much potential, and marketing weight, behind it. Funny as it is to say, in a market bloated with tie-ins and price-gouging, this mini might have benefited from a few extra issues to let the story breath. After reading it, my only hope is that future offerings of Predator and Alien comics offer more compelling narratives then the cookie-cutter story this turned out to be.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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