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DC’s Legends of Tomorrow Pilot Review


(Minor Spoilers)


DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is very much a genre show that doesn’t try to be anything other than what it is. In that regard, it’s an acceptable offering in the slow season of television. Judged against the shows it springs from, and shows on other networks, it is lacking in many ways.

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What happened to the Ultimate Universe?

Before the year ends and begins anew, I wanted to take a final look at what was once Marvel’s most innovative segment and a personal favorite of mine early in my comic collecting, The Ultimate Universe.
 It used to be Marvel’s best line of books, a wellspring of creativity and constant sales. So why did it disappear?

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A Salute to the Quiet Ones

We all know the type. They stand in the background and don’t say much, if anything at all, but if they speak, everyone listens. What is is about these characters that make them fan-favorites? It’s obviously not their love of witty banter, or their constant quips. Sure, they might get a funny line or two here and there, but a lot of the humor comes from how unexpected it is that they spoke at all. We know very little about them, their hobbies, their inner thoughts, or their history. Occasionally, we’ll get hints at their backstory, but the revelations are slow and even when we do learn their past, they remain mysteries.

Yes, the popularity of these characters as just as enigmatic as they are.  If I were to hazard a guess, I would say that their mysterious natures is exactly why they’re so popular. Character like Lying Cat, Snake-Eyes, Garnet, Samurai Jack, and Ice Bear don’t say much, if anything, but their quiet natures make you want to watch them even more. They riddles wrapped inside mysteries, wrapped inside enigmas and it’s the audience or reader’s job to figure them out. By keeping their thoughts to themselves, the readers have to watch them closely, and put themselves in the character’s shoes.

from Steven Universe

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Asexual Representation in Fiction

Sex and sexuality is one of the most ubiquitous topics in media. It’s used to titillate, intrigue, get people’s attention, and sell. Almost every movie needs a love interest, no matter how little sense it makes in the narrative.

tom and alice
We may have had two conversations on screen, but since we are both hot,  we are totally in love forever! From Seventh Son.

But what about people who aren’t all that interested in sex? What if the male/female gaze does nothing for them? Well, it all looks kinda strange.

Asexuality is an orientation where someone has little to no interest in sex. It’s a wide spectrum, including homo/hetero/bi/pan romantic aces* (asexuals that are interested in relationships, but not really interested in sex), aromantic aces (asexuals not interested in sex or relationships), grey aces (asexuals who experience sexual attraction infrequently or not strongly enough for them to be sure that it is attraction), and are closely related to demisexuals (people who only feel sexual attraction when they have a close emotional bond with someone).  Since asexuality is defined by the absence of something, it’s pretty diverse, so one would think we would have a lot of asexual characters to match the spectrum’s diversity. Continue reading Asexual Representation in Fiction