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The Fix & Black Road Coming In April From Image Comics

spencer-lieber-the-fix-teaser-d6d21The creative teams of Superior Foes of Spiderman & The Massive will have their previously announced Image series debut in April of 2016 with Nick Spencer & Steve Lieber’s The Fix along with Brian Wood & Garry Brown’s Black Road. In addition, Image will be releasing another Criminal One Shot, a new installment of Hawaiian Dick & a reprint of Ryan Ottley’s Grizzly Shark. More details at CBR

What I don’t want in the New Year (2016 Mix)

2016 has gotten off to an eventful start, to say the least. The movie theaters are full of films to entertain, the big two are chugging along, and there’s plenty to look forward to in the coming months in terms of TV, movies, and comics. Before all that happens, I wanted to lay out another list of what I don’t want to see in the coming months…

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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (12/09/15)




Tyler’s Recommendation …

Rebels #9
“This issue is another one-shot, I’ve really enjoyed these side tales that shed light on some other facets of the time period, and provide different perspectives. This month follows a young Pawnee man during the French Indian War. Fans of historical fiction should definitely be checking this book out.”

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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (11/11/15)




Alex’s Recommendations: 
Rebels #8
“These asides have been just as good or better than the main storyline. Great narrative from a fascinating time in history.”
Alex’s Recommendations: 
Goddamned #1
“Sometimes all it takes is a writer. Sometimes you get so much more.”

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NYCC: Panel Roundup

NYCC panel

Over the past couple weeks, Nothing But Comics has been providing a variety of coverage on the 2015 New York Comic Con. From the creators to the cosplayers they inspire, we have offered reflections on the different facets of fandom. The last in this series of articles is a compilation of comments from some of the panels attended during the convention.

Coverage of Valiant’s Book of Death and Beyond Panel can be found here & here.

At the Dark Horse Comics Classified Panel, there were a few announcements, but the main pleasure was hearing the creators discuss their craft. These observations included a healthy sense of humor, such as when Matt Kindt was asked what it was like playing the role of both writer and artist on a series. He replied that collaborating with himself was a pleasure, as “most of my deadlines get along.” For his part, Brian Wood offered that he always wants to be enthusiastic about the art in one of his titles. His wish is to be a “fanboy” of it just like any other reader.
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This Week’s Finest: Rebels #6

cby Brian Wood, Andrea Mutti & Jordie Bellaire

Okay, listen. It’s not like I’m going out of my way to do this. I didn’t wake up this morning with this in mind. It just happened. Nothing I can do about it. Trust me, I tried. Before setting down to type this review I talked to Patrick and Dean, explaining my problem: “My favorite book so far is actually Rebels. I just don’t want to be known as the guy who always picks Brian Wood though.” Maybe they won’t notice. I mean sure, last month I chose Starve, but maybe the newbies here (of which I’m sure we must have somewhere) won’t remember anything prior. For those of you who are paying attention and do see the trend, Shhh…

Honestly, I’ve wanted to make Rebels my pick for a long, long time. I wanted to love it as I’ve loved many of Wood’s previous series, but I’ve only ever found myself really liking it. Does that make sense? Do you follow me? Continue reading This Week’s Finest: Rebels #6

Tuesday Top Ten: All Time Favorites Patrick

Nothing But Comics is about to hit our two year mark and in observance of the sites anniversary, every Tuesday from now until we finish, one of our staff members will list off their favorite series, runs or issues of all time. This week it’s Patrick Continue reading Tuesday Top Ten: All Time Favorites Patrick

This Week’s Finest — Starve #3

by_20150812_221903 Brian Wood, Danijel Zezelj & Dave Stewart

So here’s the thing, I’ve fallen behind a bit lately. With everything. Laundry is scuffing the ceiling, texts and emails remain unanswered, and comics are piling in every corner of my ever suffocating apartment. But these are only effects of an oh-so-wonderful cause: my wife and I closed on our first house. I’m sure the NBC! team just read that last line and rolled their eyes. “Again with the house thing,” they will huff under their breath. I don’t blame them, I do mention it quite a bit. Needless to say, buying and, in our case, fully renovating a house is a lot of exhausting work. (Just ask Patrick, who just recently went through this same process.)

Anyway, after skipping my last turn for TWF, I knew I needed to get back in this comics game. But where do I start? The pile looms, and my eye twitches ever so slightly at the sight. I’m instantly reminded of my first days as a comics reader. There is an entire geeky microcosm here and I’m inching my way back in from the fray. Thankfully, this time around I know a whole hell of a lot more. I start with what I’m sure to enjoy.

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