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Indubitable Issues and Pull List (8/19/15)




Tyler’s Recommendations: 
Bizarro #3
“The comic equivalent of a buddy-roadtrip-comedy, Bizarro has been a blast. Heath Corson delivers a truly funny story of two guys, making their way to Canada, stopping random instances of villainy along the way. Jimmy Olsen and Bizarro make a great pair, and the sublime artwork from Gustavo Duarte creates a unique and brilliant offering from DC. It’s only a six-issue mini, so there’s still time to hop on now and enjoy the ride, plus it’s all-ages, so you can read it with/to your kids, siblings, young relatives, etc.”

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Freeze Frame 8/15/2015

From Star Wars Lando #2 by Alex Maleev & Paul Mounts
From Star Wars Lando #2 by Alex Maleev & Paul Mounts

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Freeze Frame 6/19/2015

From Justice League Of America #1 by Bryan Hitch
From Justice League Of America #1 by Bryan Hitch

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Freeze Frame 5/1/2015

From New Avengers #33 by Mike Deodato
From New Avengers #33 by Mike Deodato

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Review of Revenger #1

Screenshot_2015-01-07-23-47-13~2by Charles Forsman

Charles Forsman is a cartoonist with a singular aesthetic that has served him well. He is a successful writer and artist that’s published long form graphic novels with large publishers like Fantagraphics while he run’s one of comics best publishers in Oily and that’s a credit to the immense talent and vision of his work. Forsman has a measured style to his comics that’s worked great on creating quiet, emotional and personal stories. In 2014 he used that to dip his toe in genre with the excellent Luv Sucker but while Luv Sucker uses genre as a backdrop, Revenger dives into it’s genre head first in a story like nothing the cartoonist has ever done. Revenger is a story about a single black female vigilante that avenges those that have had injustice committed against them. It’s raw, bloody and absurd, similar to comics that Forsman name checks in the books back matter like Michel Fiffe’s Copra or Benjamin Marra’s O.M.W.A.T as it opens up with revenger beating to death a group of violent sociopath’s dressed as clowns in the first three pages. It’s there that Revenger more or less announces it’s intentions as something totally different from what we are used to seeing from Forsman. But while the comic feels like a departure from what we are used to seeing from Forsman on it’s surface, ultimately it rounds back into his aesthetic in all the right ways. Which is a way of saying it’s totally unexpected but also works really well. Forsman challenges himself on Revenger by stepping outside of his comfort zone without losing what he does best in that. It’s a strong and unexpected but as good as anything we’ve seen from the artist in the past. Revenger is like nothing else in comics even though it’s wears it’s influences on it’s sleeve and it set’s the bar for what’s to come in 2015, expect the unexpected.