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Review of Spider-Woman #1


by Dennis Hopeless and Greg Land

The Story: (Full disclosure: I have not been following Spiderverse, of which this issue heavily deals with) Spider-Woman is guarding Silk on an adventure through the Mighty Marvel Multiverse from a pair of deadly blond twins hunting them. They are joined by the Noir Spider-Man, who eventually gets injured and leaves the plot. Meanwhile, some epic fight is happening off-page and 616 Spider-Man asks Spider-Woman to leave her mission while Spider-Gwen and Spider-Girl fill-in. Spider-Woman teleports out (which some or all of them can do for some reason that’s never explained) while Silk jumps to another dimension while the deadly twins close in on her.

The Art: I would not have guessed this was Greg Land art. I could have mistaken it for Mike Deodato or John Cassaday in certain panels. Land-detractors may find some of his trademarks in the pages (money-shot faces, visual inconsistencies, etc) but I found the art to be inoffensive while somewhat typical Marvel art 5-10 years ago.

Overall: I found much of the early dialogue annoying. It seemed to be pulled right out of bad TV movies. I couldn’t understand why Spider-Woman and Silk were bickering so much (a story reason is given that’s not convincing). Also, lack of background information. Then again I could be the wrong fan for this book as it’s meant for everyone following Spiderverse and the introduction of Silk and her adventures. For as much hype as this book as gotten (about 20% was the actual story, the rest for that variant cover that caused a stir. Then another, then another, then why does Marvel keep doing this?) this issue left me particularly cold. Nothing really makes me want to come back to this series (which was $3.99, that should say a lot) and I don’t see this book lasting very long after Spiderverse ends.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent