Review of EGOs #1

EGOs01_covprEGOs #1
By Stuart Moore and Gus Storms

Pros: It’s an Image #1, was there any question whether or not this would be awesome?  Other than knowing the high-quality Image Comics consistently pumps out, I had no idea what to expect from this issue.

On top of that, both creators, Stuart Moore and Gus Storms, are new names for me; however, that is going to change.  The story opens rather unconventionally–though perfectly–with the epilogue.  We view a man, deduction skills greater than that of Sherlock Holmes, brutally murdered by some other-worldly, orb-eque creature (“Oh well, he was kind of a dick anyway.”), but before he is killed, he radios his old team.  Cue a series of flashbacks of the once great EGOs (Earth Galactic Operatives) superhero team overlaid with hilarious narration, a wandering child, and a relationship on more than just rocky ground.  This issue raises the question: How does Seduction cope with aging?  The answer: Not well.  The ending actually surprised me, which is something that rarely happens anymore.  I couldn’t have been more thrilled with the engaging beginning to a hopefully fantastic series.
And I can’t forget about the art.  Gus’ style, similar to Nick Pitarra’s work on The Manhattan Projects, provides this futuristic world with character all of its own.  Bring on issue two!

Cons: The fact that I do not have issue two in my hands right this second.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent  (The rating, essentially a 5/5, will probably be a rare occurrence from me, so that should tell you how EXCELLENT this issue was.)

9 thoughts on “Review of EGOs #1”

  1. I liked this comic. It was like a mash-up between THE LAST AVENGERS STORY and a LEGION OF SUPER-HEROES comic I was surprised by the ending as well, and I’m looking forward to issue 2.

  2. This was a slow week for me so I was able to pick this up and I’m glad I did .

    “Pros: It’s an Image #1, was there any question whether or not this would be awesome?”


  3. Really cool book. The narrative was refreshing and yeah that ending was awesome! I love when I feel lost and then they hit you with the hard stuff and the “oh shit” reflex kicks in.

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