Mutanimals #1

663947_b8fb86fb7c38d5240735d9ee070ed73a86d900a5by Paul Allor & Andy Kuhn

I love the IDW incarnation of the Ninja Turtles and its talent for blending every incarnation of the concept. It acts as sort of an ultimate Turtles universe while adding enough twists and new elements to make it seem fresh. One of the best new additions to the mythos is Old Hob, an alley cat who was mutated in the accident that created the Turtles and Splinter. He started out in the series as dumb muscle, but as it went on, Old Hob has been revealed to be extremely sympathetic, clever, and bent on creating a mutant army. That brings us to this mini series, Mutanimals. When Pigeon Pete, one of their own, and Lindsay Baker, a scientist who is helping Hob with his mutant army, are kidnapped, it’s up to the Mutanimals to get them back. This comic marks the introduction of two characters, an underrated villain from the Archie TMNT  Adventures who I’m not very familiar with, but is supposed to be really powerful, and a somewhat tragic villain from the original cartoon and Nickelodeon series. We also have the first official LGBT+ characters that I’ve seen in any incarnation of the Ninja Turtles. There might be others, but I can’t think of any nor have I found any via Google and TMNT Pedia. As much as I love Ninja Turtles, the cast is predominately straight and male, with only about fifteen major female characters appearing in the entire IDW series, so taking steps towards diversity is good.

Plotwise, this issue is tons of fun. I honestly can’t remember the last time an issue of IDW’s Ninja Turtles made me laugh, but this issue got me to chuckle several times, mainly because it takes the wackier characters of the universe and has them working together. It’s not completely tongue in cheek though. There are still a few sad and serious moments that took me by surprise. Well, as serious as you can be for an comic that features a gecko with a skateboard and a hermit crab dressed as a soldier. It’s fun to see these interesting supporting characters take the spotlight in their own series. The artwork is also quite good. The faces are very expressive and the colors really pop.  My one criticism would be that the Archie villain that appears is supposed to run this huge corporation, but this corporation has never been brought up before. The corporation has been weaved into the mythos, even filling up a preexisting plot hole, but you’d think that a company that big would have been mentioned at least once in all forty three issues. It’s a minor thing, though, and easily overlooked.

Overall, if you enjoy the IDW series, you’ll enjoy this. It’s action packed and a ton of fun. I’m really looking forward to where this mini series is going and how it will impact the universe as a whole.

6 thoughts on “Mutanimals #1”

  1. I’ve read all the previous turtles series up until about issue 10 of the latest IDW series. It wasn’t bad but I just needed a turtle break. Maybe I’ll pick this issue up. Thanks.

    1. Yeah. This is really good, and I don’t think you really need to follow what’s been happening in the main series other than Old Hob wants to make a mutant army and has been working on it. The inside of the covers usually give a summary of what’s been happening too. I stopped reading after issue 10 or so too (mainly because I bought all ten issues together at a second hand bookstore and this was before I was a regular at my LCS) and started up in the main series again around issue 25. After you’ve gone, it’s pretty easy to play catch up. The story lines tend to bit a bit decompressed. I still need to play catch up on the other incarnations though.

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