Reveiw of New Avengers #15

imagesby Jonathan Hickman and Siomone Bianchi

Here’s the thing about Hickman’s exposition heavy Achilles heal: if he’s going on about the right subject it can be quite riveting. In New Avengers #15 we have the illuminati reviewing their findings from Reed Richards bridge between the multiverse and it is actually quite fascinating. There are probably two caveats that you have to enjoy in order to like this comic. One you have to like hearing people talk about science and the other is that you have to extend that idea to people talking about science in a fictional universe where fearing the Man Thing causes you to light yourself on fire. But if you can get past these hurdles you are actually in for what’s a rather fascinating debate about the how and ethical why of their actions interspersed with some reveling moments from The White Swans Past. Simone Bianchi is a large reason for this as he’s doing the illustrations of his life to sell these conversations and the narration they create. I’ve always felt that the knock on Hickman’s dialogue being too cold was a completely unfounded criticism. It’s as engaging as some of our best writers in comics. Turn your brain on it will all pay dividends.

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