Reveiw of Winter Soldier The Bitter March #2

Winter Soldier Bitter March #2 (of 5)by Rick Remender and Roland Boschi

In the first issue of The Winter Soldier: The Bitter March Rick Remender set up a nearly flawless premise of the Buck Barnes in full on Soviet Assassin mode in a story that played off the existentialist terror of a violent death looming around the corner. In issue that premise falls flat on it’s face with awful cliché’s and a meandering narrative that doesn’t appear to have any interest of going anywhere. The key to great horror is movement. The plot is supposed to run quickly as the fear encloses the protagonist. Here that momentum is shattered as we spend way too much on a train while subjecting you to every bad comic idea possible throughout. In this we get Bucky missing a kill shot because of repressed memory of Captain America, some horrible mustache twirling villainy, the most inessential bubble butt in a mini skirt that would make Black Chyna role her eyes and some seriously ham fisted political dialogue about men in power or something. The later part is probably the most disappointing as Remender has been improving in his comics as of late by utilizing political commentary within his narratives but this was just far too clunky to be effective in the micro sense of advancing a story let alone as conveying any kind of profound ideologies about systems of power. Roland Boschi’s art is fine but without a strong narrative to hold it up it feels as aimless as the rest of this comic. The first issue of this series showed so much promise. The second breaks all of it.

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