Review of The Bounce #12

Bounce 12by Joe Casey, Sonia Harris and David Messina

Even though this series started out looking like a “Spiderman as a stoner” Mark Millaresque premise The Bounce has continued taking readers expectations and flipping them on their head and the (unexpected!?!?!) finale is no different much to the credit of Joe Casey and his elevated aesthetic. Much like Godland & Catalyst Comix this was an ending focused on the theme of transcendence to a higher level of humanity and purpose. Yet par for the course with The Bounce Casey get’s to the destination on the road least expected as what was perceived to the villain turns out to be the hero and the parallel universe is actually a missing piece of our own. Battle, convergence, the cosmos, rinse, lather, repeat and all is right with the world. It’s kind of amazing how Casey keeps managing to flip the script on what’s become well worn tropes but again this series was about defying expectations more then anything. What appeared simple ended up being an experience unlike any other. I’m not sure where this sit’s in his bibliography but it was never predictable and always engrossing. Messina does some amazing work here with an assist by Sonia Harris in conveying everything from universal cosmic convergence, a fight in a laboratory or a conversation in a book store with equal parts care and vitality. After everything  The Bounce #12 is a fitting ending to an engaging and unexpected journey. Joe Casey shows again that he is one of the strongest and most unique voices in comics that continues to push the medium forward and The Bounce has proven itself as another step onward. Turns out it wasn’t what you thought it would be, it turned out to be more than we could have asked for.

2 thoughts on “Review of The Bounce #12”

  1. “The Bounce #12 is a fitting ending to an engaging and unexpected journey. ”

    I’m glad you reviewed this, I’ve always wondered about it and wanted to check it out but for whatever reason I haven’t yet. Does this ^^^ mean the series is over or just an arc? If it the ending of an arc than it sounds like I should jump on. Otherwise Image trades are usually cheap and I’ll get those, actually I’ll get them anyways, The Bounce sounds good.

    1. Whole series is over. I was surprised reading it but if you check the solicitation for the issue it says the universe will change forever which was appropriate

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