Image Comics Expo Annoucements



Robert Kirkman and Paul Azaceta releasing new book titled Outcast coming out June 2014 photo via @aaronmeyers Debut issues is 40 pages for $2.99

Joe Ketinge and Khary Rudolph rebooting Robert Kirkman’s Tech Jacket in 3 part mini series. All issues current available exclusively at Image Comics website DRM free. Going on other platforms 1/15/2014

Joe Keatinge also doing new project with artist Leila Del Duca titled Shutter

Writer/Artist Brandon Graham of Prophet and Multiple Warheads doing new series title 8 House. Emma Rios also contributing on art among others


Joshua Willamson of Umbral and Mike Henderson debuting new Serial Killer love story titled Nail Biter coming in May 2014

NBphoto via @debaoki

New comic by Ted McKeever in June titled Super Annuated Man in June 2014

New comic from Rick Remender and Greg Tochini of Uncanny X-Force fame titled Low coming July 2014

” Mark my words, that’s your new favorite book” Eric Stephonson


photo via @cheapgn

ody-cNew art from previously announced Matt Fraction and Chris Ward series Ody-C and new Casanova series at Image

image via @cheapgraphicgn

Bdj4zteCAAAJsi-Kelly Sue Deconick “So the new comic is called Bitch Planet” with artist Valentine De Landro Exclusive art @ Multiversity

Photo via @aaronmeyers

Nick Spencer doing three new comics. First one is titled Great Beyond with rising star Morgan Jeske


Next new Spencer book titled Pradigms and the final is Cerluen with Butch Guice and Frazer Irving

emJames Robinson announcing extension of Saviors and new titles Airboy with Greg Hinkle.

“If you like ‘Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas,’ ‘Adaptation,’ rousing Golden Age comics and full-frontal nudity, this is the comic you’ve been waiting for,” James Robinson

Nick Dragota and Fred Van Lente online all ages comic Howtoons becoming ongoing printed series via Image Comics also with Tom Fowler

DC Comics Kyle Higgins announces new title C.O.W.L with Rod Reis

Bdj9scNCQAEzEonFirst creator owned work with Image

New series from Young Avengers team Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie titles The Wicked and The Divine


“god is The Pop Star”

Read more about the comic on Gillen’s tumblr here (thanks cosmo)

 “Believe it or not, we still have 4 people to bring out” Eric Stephenson

Grant Morrison reteams with Batman Inc artist Chris Burnham for horror comic titled Nameless



 Bill Willingham from Fables doing new series with Barry Kitson titled Restoration


 “A great big old god sitting on the crushed ruins of a modern city” Bill Willingham


Scott Snyder announces new Series with Jock titled Wytches

daBdkCjwYCAAAneaNEd Brubaker and Sean Phillips announce five year exclusive contract with Image and new series The Fade Out. Fatale will end with issue #24


76 thoughts on “Image Comics Expo Annoucements”

  1. Are you there Patrick? Have a great time, Dude. Say hello to Dan Slott for me.

    Is your restraining order with Kelly-Sue still in effect or are you allowed near her again?

  2. Holy shit, that’s a lot of exciting books! Maybe I won’t have to worry about those all-new Marvel Now books after all, I think I’ll just pick up these Image books instead. For me the standouts were:

    8House- Brandon Graham and others collaborate on a fantasy book! SOLD!

    Wicked & Devine- More from Gillen/McKelvie is all I needed to hear.

    Wytches- The random spelling is a bit lame, but I’ll get over it for “The blackest, most twisted horror that I’ve ever done” from Snyder! with Jock to boot, I can’t wait.

    The Fade Out- I will buy any and every book that the Bru/Phillips team puts out. I’m happy to read that Fatale will conclude after the next arc, it has been fantastic from the get-go, and I know Brubaker planned for the ending way ahead of time.

    Ody-C, Low, and Nameless also sound intriguing but I’ll have to see/read more before deciding on those. Oh, and more Cassanova is great news.

    1. “The blackest, most twisted horror that I’ve ever done” Coming from the guy who wrote a comic about an old man that helps kids get extremely close to their dream and then eats them…I am already terrified.

      1. Ya know, I was bummed with my lack of enthusiasm for Marvel’s new initiative, but Image has more than made up for it with all the above titles to be released. Holy Hell there’s a bunch of cool lookin shite coming soon. 2014 looks to be Image’s year to take over.

  3. I’m excited for Millar’s Starlight. Looks just like old black and white Buster Crabbe Flash Gordon serials. Tell me it’s lookin’ good, Patrick.

    1. You know the last thing they announced was Brubaker’s stuff. I wasn’t even aware of Starlight other then you mentioning it. The last thing I remember being announced by Millar from Image was a series about teenagers in Detroit that could run like The Flash or something. What’s it about?

          1. I can take him or leave him. Loved his time on The Authority and The Ultimates was OK, but his Fantastic Four was unreadable. Loved the first series of Kick-Ass but book 2 was nothing more than swearing and violence. Hit Girl picked up with netter better and Kick-Ass 3 is OK but the novelty has worn off for me now. I did enjoy The Secret Service and hoping Starlight has that same kind of tone, which it looks like has. Sometimes he hits with me, other times he misses by a mile. I tend to judge each series on it’s own merits and won’t blindly rush in these days.

            1. I think I’m the same way actually. Love Superman Red Son and Old Man Logan. Hate Kick Ass and MK Spiderman. Kind of indifferent to his work on The Authority, The Ultimates or Civil War. He is really hit or miss. Jupiter’s Legacy is pretty fucking cool so far. I heard Secret Service was good. That’s Dave Gibbons on art right?

              1. Yeah, The Secret Service was Dave Gibbons. Which instantly elevates it from the pack. Not just because he’s so good, but because he never draws anything these days. So six (almost) monthly issues of Dave Gibbons art was a real treat.

                1. It’s such a cool concept on the cyclical nature of history and all that. Def top five for me. Yo everybody drop top 5 Superman stories of all time
                  1. All Star Superman
                  2. Superman for All Seasons
                  3. Whatever happened to the man of Tomorrow
                  4. For the Man that Has Everything
                  5. Red Son

                  1. My list looks awfully similar to yours, Pat.
                    1. Superman for All Seasons
                    2. All-Star Superman
                    3. Red Son
                    4. Whatever Happened to the Man of Tomorrow
                    5. First issue of Grant Morrison’s Action Comics

                    1. Top Five Superman stories. Now you’re talking, Patrick.

                      1. Superman For All Seasons
                      2. For The Man Who Has Everything
                      3. Superman vs The Amazing Spider-Man
                      4. Whatever Happened to The Man of Tomorrow?
                      5. Secret Origin

                      Honourable mentions to John Byrne’s classic reboot/run. Superman at his best. I can’t really pick a single story, I love the whole run. And Alan Moore’s run on Supreme. Technically not a Superman story but as good as and pisses all over All-Star Superman as a homage to the Silver Age.

                    2. Let me explain my #5 choice. Superman is supposedly faster than a speeding bullet and more powerful than a locomotive. Who does Morrison take down the Man of Steel? Smash him with a bullet train! Poetic.

          2. Personally, I think Millar’s strongest story was Marvel 1985. Then Civil War (hey it got me back into regular comic book reading). Fantastic Four started strong but became a mess. Same with Kick-Ass and Old Man Logan with the added bonus of pointless sensationalistic blood an’ guts. So yeah, not a huge fan.

            That said, I want to read Superman: Red Son someday . . .

        1. I’m down with the Millarworld. There is a certain type of Millar that is right in my zone, and so far Jupiter’s Legacy is right in my wheel house.

  4. Wow! So excited for so many of these titles. These ones get me most excited. But honestly I will probably buy them all.

    Wytches – horror from Snyder with Jock!
    The Fade Out – Brubaker and Phillips always create magic. Just read the first book of Incognito and it was brilliant.
    Low – “This will be your new favorite book” I believe him!
    Gillan and McKelvie – yes! yes! yes!
    Morrison – Morrison horror!
    Three books from Nick Spencer – this guy is going to have a huge year.

    You thought you got a lot of my money last year Image you aint seen nothing yet.

  5. This list is great! So pumped for these books. Nice job, Patrick. Also, thanks a lot for posting that picture at the end…now everyone will know I liked Brightest Day…

        1. Ya know what’s really funny: I didn’t even like Brightest Day. HAHAHAHAHAHA!
          I read like 10 issues and bailed. The Aquaman Narrative was cool, but i couldnt get into the other 14 characters thus justifying the purchase of it as a whole. That’s back when I would give a book a bunch of chances to romance me.
          That wasn’t exclusively a Johns joint if I recall correctly. Tomasi had a lot to do with it. I don’t usually go for event crossovers with multiple writers. They feel convoluted to me.

  6. Great job Patrick. Lots of exciting stuff here. What jumps out the most for me:
    Brandon Graham: I keep wanting to read something by him, but haven’t managed it yet. Perhaps this might be my chance? Rios on art is definitely added incentive.

    Spencer & Guice? Intriguing . . .

    I enjoyed the first issue of Saviors, so glad that it got extended. I’ll most likely check out Robinson’s other series as well. I do like all those things he lists in the description. I’ve always been a fan of Robinson, so it’s cool to see him doing more creator owned stuff.

    Gillen & McKelvie? Yes. Referencing pop music? Oh yes, definitely. Just hope this doesn’t push back too much the third series of Phonogram . . .

    That one line description of the Willingham book has me very curious — I’ll be keeping an eye out for more info.

    Snyder going to Image is interesting. I hope this doesn’t mean he’s cutting ties with Vertigo though.

    Brubaker’s been pretty much exclusively doing creator owner stuff for a couple years now, so I’m not surprised that he’s going exclusive for Image. Still it’s pretty big news. (Does this leave Bendis the only big name still doing stuff for Marvel’s Icon imprint?). Brubaker is one of the few writers who’s an automatic buy for me — Phillips’ art is simply icing on the cake. I’ve really been enjoying Fatale, but respect Brubaker for bringing it to a close. After all it was only supposed to be a 12 issue series, and now it’ll end up twice as long.

    How many series can Fraction write a month?

    And, nothing from Hickman? Has he finally found his monthly series limit? 🙂

  7. Two horror books from two great creative teams – NAMELESS (Morrison and Burnham) and WYTCHES (Snyder and Jock). Any predictions on which book will be the more horrific?

      1. Good point. Jock has a style that suites shadowy, creepy horror, but Burnham can render explicit blood and gore. In terms of the writers, I think Snyder has more experience writing creepy, thought-provoking horror comics, but Morrison has a willingness to go places with a story that others would not. If Morrison has put his mind to writing a horror comic, you can bet he is going to go all the way with it. Without more information on the two series, I suspect WYTCHES will be a more conventional (in terms of mood and storytelling) horror comic, while NAMELESS will be a more experimental (in terms of ideas and storytelling) horror comic. I CAN”T WAIT TO READ BOTH.

        1. I’d like to see Grant Morrison and Jock team-up to create a horror comic. GM’s mind plus J’s artwork…terrifying to even imagine.

  8. Nail Biter
    Great Beyond

    …these are the ones that stand out to me the most. CAN’T. FUCKING. WAIT. SUPER-GODDAMNED-STOKED!

    1. Yeah you were the smart one not getting stoked for the new Marvel shit, now I feel like a fool for giving it up so easily, should have saved myself for this Image release.

      1. The best part of All-New Marvel Now for me is the free calendar the retailers are giving out to promote the new initiative. 😉
        Oh, I forgot to list The Fade Out. I love Brubaker’s Daredevil and Velvet has really opened my eyes to the great possibilities of satisfaction to be found within the pages of Brubaker’s work.
        Can’t stress how positive I feel about Image now and in the months to come. 🙂

        1. Go take a look at the “CALENDER” again. I couldn’t believe it when I got it at my LCS. I thought crap like that was exclusive to DC!

          1. Crap? Do tell. The one I got last year for Marvel Now mislabeled holiday dates, but I could still use it to mark important dates in my schedule. I noticed a few pages of adds. Is that what you’re talking about or did I overlook something else?
            And exactly what kind of crap did you think was exclusive to DC? Giving away calendar’s??

            -A confused, but loyal disciple of NBC. 😉

            1. Check my spelling above and look at the cover of your “CALENDER” again.
              And don’t worry, I won’t hold what is about to come against you.

              1. Haha. I see the misspelling. I had to sneak into my room where my wife and baby girl are slumbering. Tip toeing like a ninja. I felt like the main character from The Tell-Tale Heart. 😉
                Soooo…DC misspells often?

                1. It was a playful crack at the typical stupidity coming from DC. Check out the site I’ll agree that the last time they reset the counter didn’t really make sense, but the rest are usually spot on. P.S. I’m hardcore DC fanboy.

                  1. I’m not sure what’s worse: misspelling “calendar” as “calender” one year, or mislabeling major holidays on another. Have we truly downsized copy-editing out of existence? Maybe they’ve already checked out to Burbank?

                    That’s a cool site, Alex. I particularly like the Wonder Woman/Superman image they’re using as wallpaper . . .

  9. I’ve spent so many hours reading into all of these new books that I feel like I need to get them all…Sadly, my budget IN NO WAY can support the influx. Instead, I will probably get:

    Outcast (Kirkman plus exorcism, I’m in.)
    8House (Any mention of Cthulhu and you’ve got me.)
    Nailbiter (MAYBE)
    Low (Why would you not?)
    Bitch Planet (I wasn’t sold on the first issue of Pretty Deadly, but I’m willing to give this a shot.)
    Great Beyonds, Paradigms, Cerulean (Not sure it I will check out all of these, but they will remain on my radar.)
    Perhaps Robinson’s “semiautobiographical” series (Sounds FUCKED UP.)
    The Wicked & The Divine (Possibly.)
    Nameless (Grant Morrison doing horror…why would you not throw your money at this?)
    Restoration (Sounds interesting enough. Previews will help me determine.)
    Wytches (Snyder + Jock + Horror + Unironically replacing Is with Ys=YES!)
    The Fade Out (Solid creative team, maybe)

    Damn, just after I typed how I wasn’t going to be able to add all the books because of money, I decided to add NEARLY every book. Chances are this list will be pruned as we learn more, I “get broker,” and the hype dwindles.

    Also, I’ve mentioned this before on NBC!–hell, I wrote an entire article on it–so most of you already know that I’m a HUGE horror fan. Reading these announcements as they came in, I felt as if Image was directing its new wave to me personally. I’m pumped for Image ’14!

    1. Yeah, a lot of these we don’t know much about beyond the creative teams. I’m guessing as solicitation synopsises and previews emerge over the coming months, I’ll be able to figure out what appeals to me best. Like you, I want to try a bunch of these but know that budget will force me to skip some of them.

      Either way, I’m excited for what Image has planned for 2014.

  10. Rick Remender and Greg Tochini LOW-Not the biggest Tochini FAN but really dig Remender.

    Kelly Sue Deconick Bitch Planet- Loving Pretty Deadly and this story is about female prisoners trying to escape from a alien prison HELL YEAH

    Airboy-Anything James Robinson touches is gold to me

    Grant Morrison Chris Burnham Namelss- The best comic team back again!!!

    Scott Snyder Jock Wythes- Making witches scary again, sounds AWESOME

    Those are the ones I like best the rest I will probably past…Image is making this Marvel Now stuff look silly.

        1. Yeah I love Remender like you but I might skip this based on that. Plus I’ll already be buying five of his comics this year which is way more then the requisite two or three that I’m used to from him.

        2. You know I did forget to mention that Tochini and Remender did do some great work together on Last Days of American Crime. Maybe I will be reading it.

        1. That was the Captain Britain/Otherworld arc, right? I really liked that. Showed that Remender had a good grasp of Captain Britain as a character and his supporting cast. It certainly helped get Captain Britain back on track after the hatchet job bloody Paul Cornell did. I’d love to see a Captain Britain series by Remender based on his work in Uncanny X-Force and Secret Avengers. And I didn’t mind Tochini’s art. I prefer more traditional art, and I’m not really a fan of the more fully painted style but I had no problems with it. Far better than Alex Maleev. Now that’s atrocious.

              1. @streethawkjm
                Phess ain’t lying. I once made a snide remark about Brian Wood and he nearly broke the Internet over my head. 😉
                Also, Maleev rocks!

                1. Man we went at it in those top ten posts back then huh? It did get me to read some of Johns GL so it all came out aces on my end. In all seriousness I feel bad about that now. I learned how to interact with commenters from all that. I pretty much ignore everybody I don’t agree with now rather than argue. I get to write whatever I want in posts. The comments are for you the reader and you should feel free to write whatever you feel in this space as long as it’s not fucking disgusting. Plus Brian Wood turned out to be a douche anyway (though I still like his writing)

                  1. No need to feel bad, amigo. A lot of those rumbles were fun for me. However, like you, I’m getting to where I ignore comments that bash my tastes and favorite creators indirectly. Don’t get me wrong, I still am in love with a great debate when it arises, especially things concerned with political issues like gay marriage, breast feeding, religious views or exploitation of the sexes. Cant get enough of conversations like that as long as everyone remains cool-headed (like the iRefugees and rockstars who frequent this awesome site!)
                    I’m just not into arguing with people who are blatantly, rudely and obviously being contrarians. People who pick sides between the Big 2 and endlessly praise one and bash the other despite rational reasoning that dictates that there is good AND bad aspects to both companies. It’s ok to have opinions and preferences, but don’t be a dick who gets off when pissing on other people’s parades who enjoy what you hate.
                    That’s one of the things i love about this site: people back up their statements with thought provoking, polite conversation. Besides, opinions are like assholes, everyone has one and most of the time they stink. 😛

                    1. Thank you, my friend! I must be growing up finally if I’m not enjoying blatantly rude conversations on the internet anymore. 😉

                    2. “People who pick sides between the Big 2 and endlessly praise one and bash the other despite rational reasoning that dictates that there is good AND bad aspects to both companies.” Dude it’s like the most illogical thinking and I can’t wrap my head around it. Like I can understand the reason for reading NO big 2 all together even though I don’t necessarily subscribe to that belief system in totality but to pick one over the other based solely on your love of Spiderman or Batman is fucking childish. And yes I always appreciate the level of intelligence that you and the other commenters bring to this site enhances everything. For me as someone who writes at this site and wants to get as wide an audience as possible it’s best not to be all like “FUCK YOU GEOFF JOHNS SUCKS” every time somebody disagrees with my article. Politics is a whole new thing entirely where I’m of the belief that stupid people need to be exposed for their stupidity and comment sections can be great for that. Anyway we love you here man and are always welcome. Even if you don’t like my “hipster” comics.

                    3. Hey, thanks for the kind words, brother. It’s nice to have a cyber home. 😉
                      Ya know, the thing I like about you and so many others here, is how different you are from me. You’re hip-hop and I’m alternative/metal.
                      I like being exposed to all these underground, “hipster” books that you bring to the table, even if I don’t read them. I like coming out of my bubble and experiencing different schools of thought. It’s liberating to not be handicapped by prejudices.

                    4. Yeah exactly same here. The more your exposed to the more your scope of thought expands. Thanks for the kind words. Writers I’ve always loved on the internet that challenged my perception on things I was interested in and what not so it means a lot to hear that. I’ll keep doing my best to keep it interesting for you and have you spitting Cabarnet’s on your monitor.

  11. Definitely in for Low. I’m not farmilair with the art of Greg Tochini but Remender has blown me away with Fear Agent and Black Science so I can’t see it not being great.

  12. Low, Wytches and The Fade Out are looking sweeeeet! Those I’m definitely getting plus I’m sure many more will pop up that I can’t resist. By this time next year I may only be reading Image, Valiant and Batman. Unless I make a lot more money, which might actually happen.

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