Freeze Frame 3/19/2014

So good to be back-Pat
by Chris Samnee from Daredevil #1

Enter the void-Pat
by Vanessa Del Ray from Zero #6
Swashes be Bucklin-Pat
by Christopher Mooneyham from Five Ghosts #10
This comic is worth it for the full page spreads alone-Pat
by Toby Cypress from The White Suits #2
Nobody can draw Galacticus ever again. It’s over-Pat
by Essad Ribbic from Thor God Of Thunder #20
Wonder Woman #29
If the fates are truly kindly ones, after finishing with Wonder Woman, Azzarello and Chiang will give us a stand alone Hera story-Cosmo
by Cliff Chang from Wonder Woman #29
Yup American Vampire is back-Pat
by Rafeal Albuquerque from American Vampire: Second Cycle #1
Welcome, Kamala, to your strange & exciting new world-Cosmo
by Adrian Alphona from Ms Marvel #2
Unda da sea-Pat
by Aatyom Trakhanov from Undertow #2
Pure kinetic energy at its best-Cosmo
by Amy Reeder from Rocket Girl #4
Somedays Jim Lee’s still got it-Pat
by Jim Lee from Superman Unchained #6
Prophets inclusion in Freeze Frame is automatic-Pat
By Simon Roy and Giannia Milanogiannis from Prophet #43
Just a classic image-Pat
by Mahmad Asrar from Wolverine and The X-Men #2
War Stories
And you thought that your commute was bothersome this morning-Cosmo
by Peter Gross from The Unwritten Apocalypse #3
Hmm, all of a sudden I would like to read a Lemire illustrated Swamp Thing tale-Cosmo
by Jeff Lemire from Animal Man #29
Never Change-Pat
by God from Sex Criminals #5
Wrong end to be on guy-Pat
by Chris Samnee from Daredevil #1
Simply stunning. I’m getting flashbacks to Guy Maddin’s My Winnipeg, though that may be beside the point-Cosmo
by Vanessa Del Ray from Zero #6
by Jim Lee from Superman Unchained #6
I’d hate to be on the receiving end of that sentence-Pat
by Essad Ribbic from Thor God of Thunder#20
John Prophet don’t play-Pat
by Matt Sheean from Prophet #43
New York is hectic-Pat
by Chris Samnee from Daredevil #1
I love the presence of the spider evoking the story from the second annual. Both a fitting tribute to Cliff, as well as the perfect beat to end the series on. Good night, Buddy Baker, and pleasant dreams. You’ve earned them-Cosmo
by Travel Forman from Animal Man #29

6 thoughts on “Freeze Frame 3/19/2014”

  1. I love the way Lemire has Maxine tell the story instead of Buddy. I think her telling it pairs with the artwork beautifully.

  2. Love that Daredevil origin page. Any chance to see the original yellow/red/black costume. Just love that thing.

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