Indubitable Issues




 Patrick pushes for…
Copra #14
This is your annual reminder that a new issue of Copra is available for purchase at the creators Esty page (along with some nice jewelry from his better half) or at fine comic book shops everywhere. The last issue was fantastic. This next issue looks ever better. This is the best comic you are not reading.

Itho hops on the Cosmic Treadmill for…
feb140174Flash Annual #3
This week Barry Allen meets Barry Allen! We’ve seen the Barry vs Barry thing before with Geoff Johns and the Road to Flashpoint. Here, a Barry Allen travels back in time 20 years to save…Wally West?! Also, Barry Allen looks good in blue. Just throwing that out there.
theotherbluth swears by…
Southern Bastards #1
If you missed out on Scalped when it started, get in on the ground floor for the next great creator owned story from Jason Aaron. Based on previews of Jason Latour’s perfectly suited art, and interviews I’ve read about the story, this is going to be one deep-fried hell of a ride.
Reed soars with…
Silver Surfer #2
It’s a wonderful blend of human foibles and cosmic grandeur, with artist Mike Allred channeling the spirit of Jack Kirby.
Dean is eagerly awaiting…
ASMThe Amazing Spider-Man #1
Am I just getting caught up in the movie hype? Probably
Did I drop off of Spider-man months ago? Possibly
Am I balls to the wall exited to read this book? Definitely

5 thoughts on “Indubitable Issues”

  1. Good to see some love for both Amazing Spider-Men and The Flash this week.

    I know there’s some anti Dan Slott people ’round here and I’ve liked seeing some love for Brett Booth’s art this last couple of weeks too. I thought I was the only one and most on the site found it too nineties Image for their tastes.

    I’m looking forward to both books and hopefully your recommendations might get a coupe of others to try them out too.

    1. The only reason I read Teen Titans for as long as I did was because of Brett Booth but even he couldn’t save that series for me. I’m hoping he’ll be on this series for awhile.

  2. I’m already got Spidey pulled and will add Flash to my pile when I get there. Silver Surfer’s cover is great but I’m not a fan of Allred’s art style so it’ll sit on the shelf.

  3. Totally agree, Jeremy. Nothing could save Lobdell’s Teen Titans and Booth was wasted on that title. His recent 2 or 3 issue run on Nightwing was great. Good combination of artist, writer and character. His 3 issue Batman/Superman stint wasn’t a good fit either. So I’m glad to see Booth back on a regular book again that looks to play to his strengths.

  4. You know what…fuck it, I’ll give The Amazing Spider-Man #1 a go!
    Going watching the movie this evening so maybe I am getting caught up in the hype but that isn’t such a bad thing 🙂

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