Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man 2

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Dare I say it? This movie was Amazing. I am going to begin this review by making it known I was not in love with the first installment of the reboot. I am a big Andrew Garfield fan and an even bigger Emma Stone fan, however in the first movie I was left a little confused at the casting. Peter Parker was played a little too awkward and Gwen Stacy was just very blah. The first movie was a little boring, rehashing a story that seems so familiar.  The origin was done better than before but I know that story, I have read it countless times and watched it as well.  It wasn’t until halfway through the movie I really started to get into it.  It was just too forgettable.  In saying that, I love the cast and I love Spider-Man so I definitely enjoyed myself during the first film, I just hold my Spider-Man films to very high standards. The reason I bring up the first movie is so you know I entered The Amazing Spider-Man 2 excited for the potential but skeptical of the execution. The Amazing Spider-Man 2 blew me away. This is the Spider-Man movie I didn’t even know I wanted.  Here are five Amazing reasons that you are going to see this movie and going to love it.

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Cosmo’s Gallery, 5-03-14

“If you’re feeling sinister, go . . .” and compile some comic book art. Yep, it’s a Belle & Sebastian Saturday morning here in Brooklyn. I’ve got a diverse selection of images for you this week. Also, Skottie Young pulls off what I believe is a first by getting included in back to back posts for illustrating the same character.

As always, visit us at tumblr for more great art:


Silver Surfer Alan Davis
Silver Surfer by Alan Davis

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Pull List Playlist 5/3/2014

I don’t usually like to give props to our competition here at NBC but I gotta say slow clap for Jonah Welland reformating the forums at CBR this week. For those sexual_923826_1214660that don’t know writer and former DC Editor Jane Asselin wrote about how shitty the cover for New Teen Titans rightfully noting how stupid it was to draw a teenage girls boob bigger then her head among many other criticisms. Brett Booth was upset by this and called her out on twitter basically because Brett Booth is a fucking pussy and from there all hell broke lose. In addition to being a contributing writer Jane also was compiling a study on sexual harassment in comics which offered a public survey and the piece of shit contingent of humanity connected to the internet decided it was a reasonable idea to threaten her with rape, publish her private information online and hack into her bank account. And then we had this bullshit happened. And of course the idiot brigade came out in full force on the cbr forums. They’ve been shut down so  you’ll to use your imagination for the type of idiocy it takes to defend rape threats, the new teen titans cover, that shitty t-shirt and people that don’t hate coffee. Jonah could have looked the other way. Purely based on site metrics, the primary means to draws revenue out of a content producing web site, it would make sense in the short term to look the other way. But he didn’t. He runs what is probably the largest and most comprehensive comic website on the internet and put a clear line in the sand; dickbags not welcome. That is some fucking g-shit. That takes a real man to stare into the abyss and tell the abyss to go fuck itself when it stares back. That’s a real fucking man. Brian Michael Bendis had a great interview with Vulture this week touching on his career in comics. It’s fantastic. One of my favorite was the first question that went like this:

In your 15-ish years of uninterrupted Spider-Man writing, what have you learned about the concept?
It’s a story with a very strong theme: “With great power comes great responsibility.” And that theme is so perfect in its simplicity that you could build a religion around it. As a fan, I carried it around with me, but when you start writing it, you realize, Oh, this is the most important lesson in the world. It’s not a superpower lesson. It’s a lesson about power, itself. If you have the power to sing, or to grab people’s attention, or anything, then with that comes responsibility that you need to identify and raise yourself up to “

 This is a statement that is so true but is also supposed to be counterintuitive in business. You are supposed to think of yourself first and foremost. But Jonah didn’t do that. He looked at the world in front of him and raised himself up. Great power.

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