Knights of Gotham City: The Batman and Jim Gordon

         Batman_and_Gordon As you all know by now, NBC! is celebrating Batman’s 75th anniversary this month.  I decided to discuss the importance of the relationship between two of Gotham’s finest; The Batman and Commissioner/Detective Jim Gordon.  Their story began all they way back in Detective Comics #27, and to this day there are very few, if any, working relationships like it in comics.  Gordon and Batman are the same side of different coins; one fights crime in Gotham City within the confines of the law, and the other on the fringes of it, but at the end of the day they both share a passion for justice unlike any of their peers.  It’s that drive that brings them together, and it allows them to place a kind of trust in one another that they cannot place in others.  Batman could continue his vigilante ways without Gordon’s help or permission, but he understands that Gotham is better served by their working together. Likewise, Gordon could easily have stayed resistant to the methods and participation of Batman in Gotham’s war on crime, but he knows that the law can restrict justice, and that at least he can trust Batman to not cross the line.  By putting their differences aside in the name of protecting the city and its citizens, Batman and Gordon show that they care more than anyone else about this place called Gotham City.  They understand that a city as corrupt and ever changing as Gotham, needs a different approach to fight its special brand of criminals, and that the ends justify the means.  In order for the arrangement to work though, it needs to be symbiotic and mutualistic; neither side will continue without a reciprocation by the other, and both men understand this precarious balance and what it takes to maintain it. Continue reading Knights of Gotham City: The Batman and Jim Gordon

Indubitable Issues




Dean’s just looking for somebody to love in…
ratqueens_061Rat Queens #6
Hey! You know that book you aren’t reading but you saw appear on the Eisner nominee list for best new series?  Yeah maybe you should start reading it! Don’t miss out on this all new story arc. You may not have listened to me before but you will listen to Eisner.

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Batman ’89: Burton’s Vision

Batman_ver2Throughout this month you are going to read a lot of different takes on Batman.   You will read how he has evolved over the years and what stories stuck with the staff here at NBC!  You will read a lot about “my Batman” and “what Batman means to me”.  The 1989 film Batman holds a soft spot in my heart but this is by no means “my Batman”. The caped crusader that dawned the big screen in the summer of 1989 was Burton’s Batman. More on Burton’s Batman later, first I want to discuss how incredible the success of this movie was.  1989 was a huge year for movies. The year contained huge hits like The Little Mermaid, When Harry Met Sally, Driving Miss Daisy, Dead Poets Society, Field of Dreams, The Abyss and Honey I Shrunk the Kids.  As well there were a few huge sequels coming out that year like Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade, Back to the Future 2, Lethal Weapon 2, Ghostbusters 2 and Star Trek 5.  This is a monstrous list of blockbuster hits. I wish I was a movie goer back in the summer of ’89, but I was only 3 years old at the time and couldn’t even say Gotham City. With all those terrific movies coming out in 1989 what movie do you think topped the box office charts?  The comic book film directed by a fairly new face and starring the husband from Mr. Mom.  It is amazing and a little unbelievable that this movie was such a huge hit.  Although this movie is drastically flawed in a few major areas I would have to say that it deserves to top that list of 1989 films. It is worth the admission just to see Burton’s vision of a comic book come to life.  If Burton’s vision is not enough for you then the ticket is definitely worth seeing Jack Nicholson lose his mind.

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