The Winners History Of Comics: Batman & Crime In America Part One


Batman has managed to become the most ubiquitous super hero of the comic book genre despite not sharing very much in common with his peers. Batman has no super powers. He has money and extreme intellect that can veer towards implausible in the wrong hands but there is no extra ability that couldn’t be activated in anybody. Yet that hasn’t hindered his popularity; in fact it might have helped increase it. Batman is sort of a post modern “every man”. He is impossibly rich, a trait that reflects the elusive American dream, but through the death of his parents at a young age; he reflects our reality of living in a universe that is completely indifferent to your own needs and desires. Furthermore, it points towards the idea that humans are naturally good people and given the opportunity will do the right thing, again gives the audience the opportunity to project that fantasy onto themselves. Like if WE had that kind of money we would use it for the greater good instead of paying extraordinary humans to play basketball and then be an epic racist dickbag about it . Batman is a character that we retrofit into our own fears and desires and he’s evolved as the former has in America. There are two parts to the Batman story that directly correlate to our perception of crime in America that I like to call pre and post Miller. This is part one which will cover pre Miller and the Batman of another America that was probably more honest then we give them credit for.

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