Cosmo’s Gallery, 5-10-14

Brazilian beats, Indian Chi tea & comic book art adds up to another Saturday morning in Cosmo’s Gallery. It’s pretty much all Big Two this week, but still I’ve got a variety of styles for you.

For more great art, please check out our tumblr. As an added bonus for Bat-Month, I’ve been posting a different Batman related cover for every day of May:


Batman 66 by Francesco Francavilla
Batman 66 by Francesco Francavilla

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Pull List Playlist 5/10/2014

tumblr_n34ad0TiTj1qz9ew8o1_500DC made a big splash this week with three new television shows getting picked up while having several more in development from Vertigo, Wildstorm and the DC main line of superhero comics. This actually looks like the best possible move for DC to expand it’s brand by utilizing its vast resources of characters. No matter how much DC tries to retro fit all of their properties into one cohesive universe it’s never going to feel organic and always be awkward on some level. You can try and shoehorn an assortment of different comics idea’s from varying time periods but in the end Stormwatch doesn’t make sense when you have multiple Justice Leagues, Harley Quinn ruins Suicide Squad, Swamp Thing is deluded when you cross him over with Aquaman and no matter how hard they try nobody cares about Grifter. All these comics benefit by existing as their own entities and by selling television shows to multiple networks DC’s television shows can do that. The Question doesn’t need to be in Arrows world and Constantine won’t have a special mission in the Batman less Gotham. While the rush to form the Justice League in film sounds messy, rushed and convoluted years before it’s release allowing their TV shows to exist as their own entities (and adapting the Vertigo properties) allows for the brand to expand without diluting it. It’s what DC did best as a comic book publisher and it now they can at least get it back with television. Just keep Dan DiDio away from it.

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