Batman’s Earliest Adventures

Detective Comics 31 by Bob KaneFor my initial contribution to Bat-Month here at NBC, I revisited one of my favorite tales of The Caped Crusader. This week, I shall be doing something different, examining some material I never read until very recently. Today I shall be discussing the earliest Batman stories from Detective Comics #27-38 plus Batman #1. These tales can be found collected by DC in a no-frills trade entitled Batman Chronicles Volume 1.

Disclaimer: I would like to concentrate on the stories themselves. As Patrick touched upon Friday, from the very beginning Bob Kane laid many dubious claims to his role in the creation of Batman and his world. In the Chronicles edition, Finger’s writing credits, along with Gardner Fox’s, have been restored. There is also debate over how much Kane signed his name to art, particularly that iconic cover to Detective #27 which was really created by others. Needless to say, this is a particularly sordid side to these early issues, which should be more widely known. That said, I would rather not dwell on it today, focusing instead on the stories themselves.
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