Space Riders #2 Review


by Alexis Ziritt, Fabian Rangal Jr, Ryan Kelly

“Space Riders” is a special kind of comic. It wears its influences (Star Wars, Voltron, Battlestar Galatica, Starship Troopers, Jack Kirby, Jim Starlin) on its sleeve, but still feels new yet recognizable.

The issue opens with a man named Peligro, from a cadet joining the Space Riders to his eventful battles as a Captain to meeting his current crew mates, a deadly cyborg and religious humanoid Baboon. Captain Pelogro leads them from one scenario to the next, from fighting an alien mob to being captured inside a giant robot-ship after saving a space whale.

The art is pulpy and striking, I could stare at it for hours. The colors are vibrant and flowing, like the best of Marvel comics during the 70s.

Although I love the art, in some panels a lack of contrast between colors had me confused at what I was looking at. Muted red next to pure neon green is not the best combo. Also, the art is perfect for capturing a single scene or moment but feels cramped when depicting a second.

Overall, an entertaining throwback Sci-Fi comic. I thoroughly enjoyed the crazy obstacles and the character interactions, as well as the groovy art. At times the visual story telling doesn’t fully coalesce, but they’re still a treat. Despite being the second issue, this is a great place to start and enjoy two creators jamming on power cosmic.

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