Review of Thor #8

Russell Dauterman

Thor #8 by Jason Aaron & Russell Dauterman

This is the issue in which several plotlines come to a head with an exhilarating clang. In #7, Odin had sent the Destroyer after the new Thor, hoping that it would wrestle Mjolnir away from her. The issue ended with Odinson leading a cavalry charge consisting of his mother Freyja and a host of superheroines. Without missing a beat, issue #8 picks up at the moment where the battle is joined. Dauterman continues to excel at the battle sequences, filling page after page with dynamic, visceral action. Aaron for his part keeps his eye on character during the melee, which ends in a muted victory for Thor. Or maybe more of a stalemate. Time will tell.
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Pull List Playlist 5/17/2014

If you haven’t yet I urge you to read Rast recounting his upbringing as a graffiti writer and head of NYC’s legendary RFC crew as it’s a soberingMore comic book graffiti. and heartfelt mediation on graffiti/hip hop/drug culture, early 90’s New York City and growing up in poverty. I fashioned myself a tagger back in high school looking up to these NYC guys whose spreads I would see online or in  Life Sucks Die (still the greatest print mag of all time) I had no idea that these guys were about that life like that. Again I did a little tagging but wasn’t really talented enough to do anything noteworthy. Reading comics you see certain guys whose style look pretty close to graf and were probably doing that back in the day. Skottie Young for sure. Maybe Joe Maud & McFarlene. Current guys like Kaare Andrews, James Stokoe, Brandon Graham (pretty much the whole Prophet team really), Tradd Moore, Michele Fiffe should’ve  tagged if they didn’t. I’m surprised that the culture hasn’t intersected more often or that there isn’t more talk of it. It’s seems like a natural progression with the shape and colors and you can certainly see the influence comics had on graf from guys like Jack Kirby, Jim Steranko, Bill Sienkieze, Sam Keith, Chris Bachalo, John Romita Jr., Jim Starlin, Walt Simonson and Frank Miller in a lot of ways. Graf and comic art are very similar in that they require a high degree of natural skills and it allows for an unlimited level of creativity within very specific parameters. So if your an aspiring comics writer with no art skills I think there’s an artist near you for your comic. Just look at your local train yards, highway underpasses or under a bridge. You might see the next comic rock stars work there waiting for you.

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Review of Captain Marvel #15

cby Kelly Sue DeConnick and David Lopez

I will begin by saying I do not read Captain Marvel on an ongoing basis. I read this issue on a suggestion by Patrick and thankfully it doesn’t require much background. Anything you need to know is given to you within these 23 pages. It stands on its own, and it stands tall. In a huge week of books including Secret Wars, Injection, Saga and Thor it was Captain Marvel #15 who stood above them all. In my opinion this is the best book of the week and one of the best single issues of the year. It is beautiful and powerful. Definitely worth your time and money.

Carol returns back to earth from her adventure in the stars. Something is wrong though, there is no welcoming party to meet her. When she finds everyone, she realizes what has happened. While she was gone her mentor, Tracy, died of cancer. Tracy left a letter for Carol and this letter takes us through a few of the memories they shared. Being someone who has personally lost a very close loved one due to cancer the story felt very real. The heart, beauty and emotion of this book is not fake. Depending on your choice of craft, writing is a fantastic outlet to express your feelings and pay tribute to your loved ones. Sometimes it’s through song, sometimes it’s through a letter, Kelly Sue DeConnick has chosen a comic to pour the emotion into and it comes across as genuine and real.

The plot is also paced so well. The way the flashbacks are structured, you learn more about Tracy as the letter progress, which slowly builds the emotion of the book for the big payoff at the end. As I was reading the story, I realized the similarities to my story but because of the pace I didn’t think I would have any problem getting too caught up in it. However, by the last few pages, I had tears in my eyes and love in my heart. It may feel crushing when a loved one is no longer with you. It may just seem automatic to say “sorry for your loss”, to someone in this situation but that is exactly what it is, a huge loss in your life. It becomes hard to figure out who you are, without that person in your life anymore. Not only does Captain Marvel #15 perfectly encapsulate these feelings, but it also provides encouragement. In the words of Carol, “You don’t have to think about your whole life right now. All you need to focus on is the next right thing.”

I will.

– Dean

Cosmo’s Gallery, 5-17-14

90’s music nostalgia marches on this morning with some Guided By Voices. Yesterday, I bought tickets to see them perform in July, just a few days before we’ll be seeing Bruno Mars. Ah, summer concert season . . .

Anyway, on to the art. I’ve got a diverse mix of images for you this week, including, yes, another appearance by a certain sword wielding rabbit . . .

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Captain Marvel Adam Hughes
Captain Marvel by Adam Hughes

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