Morrison & Irving’s Annihalator Coming September 2014


Initially announced years ago legendary writer Grant Morrison of Batman, All Star Superman, New X-Men, JLA, The Invisibles, The Flash, Marvel Boy, Swamp Thing, Joe The Barbarian, Sea Guy, We3, Doom Patrol & Animal Man will team with frequent collaborator Frazier Irving of Batman & Robin, Batman Inc, Seven Soldier: Klarion The Witch Boy, Iron Man: The Inevitable, Judge Dredd, Xombi & Uncanny X-Men on the title Annihilator  to be released September 2014 from movie studio Legendary Pictures that did The Dark Knight Trilogy, Man of Steel, The Watchmen adaptation as well as Christopher Nolan’s Inception & the upcoming Intersteller in addition to Guillermo Del Torro’s Pacific Rim, The Hangover trilogy, The 300 adapatation and it’s sequel and the recent Godzilla film. They have also published Frank Millers Holy Terror in addition to Godzilla and Pacific Rim tie in comics. More details via Bleeding Cool  

Rick Remender Axis Event & Other Marvel Stuff

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Bleeding Cool has been reporting on various announcements at Diamond retailer summit in Las Vegas today including several Marvel initiatives. First off the Axis event teased at C2E2 will be written by Rick Remender of Uncanny Avengers, Captain America, Deadly Class, Black Science, Fear Agent & Uncanny X-Force that appears from the art to be villain centric and possibly spinning out of his current Uncanny Avengers title in September 2014. In addition Marvel will also be publishing a Gaurdians of The Galaxy 3000 comic, a Deadpool vs  Hawkeye something though no details on whether that would be an individual title or a crossover between the two series in September as well. Marvel also announced that they would be announcing more details on their upcoming Star Wars comics in July of 2014. My moneys on Jason Aaron & Dennis Hopeless for the writing side of that. More details at Bleeding Cool here here here & here

Batman’s New Look by O’Neil & Adams

Detective Comics #410 AdamsWhen, at the end of the 60s, Dennis O’Neil and Neal Adams were first assigned to Batman, it had been a roller coaster of a decade for the character. In fact, legend has it that in 1964 circulation was so poor, DC was giving serious consideration to simply axing Batman. Truthfully, the last several years had not been one of the strongest periods for The Dark Knight. Ten years earlier, Dr. Fredric Wertham in his book Seduction of the Innocent had raised questions about the effects of comic books on young readers. As tends to happen, many “concerned individuals” jumped to conclusions, laying at the feet of the comics industry responsibility for all that ailed contemporary youth. Using the same reasoning which later generations would apply to such cultural phenomena as rock music, rap music and video games (apparently bad parenting is rarely an option), moral outrage spread. Soon there was a Congressional committee investigating such pressing political matters as how much gore was acceptable on a Tales from the Crypt cover or whether Batman and Robin were homosexual “recruitment” devices. The most infamous causality of this hysteria was EC Comics, but, Batman was affected as well.

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