Review of Trees #9

Trees 9
Jason Howard

by Warren Ellis & Jason Howard

After the shocks which ended #8, Warren Ellis’ Trees returns with a new arc. Time has passed since the devastation of #8, yet not all of the smoke has fully cleared. The issue opens with the remnants of the Svalbad research team plunging into the icy sea. The body of Dr. Marsh comes to rest on the ocean floor where it is immediately overtaken by the ominous black flowers. Instantly the body decays. It is a vivid, disturbing sequence which reminds readers of the series’ newly raised stakes.

From there the narrative flows into the near future, though exactly how much time has passed remains unclear. Dr. Joanne Creasy was the head of the Svalbard station and its sole survivor. Miraculously fished out of the chilly waters, she has been on a long journey of rehabilitation both physically and emotionally. She struggles to adjust to changes in society, while managing PTS flashbacks to the tragedy of Svalbard. In the midst of this recovery process, she is summoned by the British government and offered the chance to return to studying the trees once again.
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Review of A-Force #1

Jim Cheung

by Marguerite Bennett, G. Willow Wilson & Jorge Molina

Marvel’s Secret Wars tie-in A-Force is set on Acadia, an island domain of Battleworld. The citizens of Acadia are watched over by A-Force, whose ranks are filled with female heroines from throughout Marvel’s multi-verse. At first glance, this concept might be a bit tricky to jump into; Jim Cheung’s cover boasts over twenty characters with whom I have varying degrees of familiarity. Yet Bennett and Wilson skillfully guide readers into their story so that nothing gets lost in the shuffle.
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