Review of X-Men 92 #1

cby Chris Sims, Chad Bowers & Scott Koblish

X-Men 92 is a fantastic meta tribute to the properties architect Chris Claremont, that embraces the fun and zaniness of the writer and it’s era in all the best ways. Writers Chris Sims & Chad Bowers approach the concept from a position of love with an understanding of the dynamics and minutia of the expanded cast. In that way, X-Men 92 is able to explore the absurdity of it’s concept from a place of reverence, they clearly love this era of X-Men but they also have their own story to tell and that brings a level of nuance to the characters that is equal parts hilarious and insightful. There is a part where Rouge asks Gambit if his names is spelled “C-R-E-E-P”, Wolverine buys his clothes at a place called “rugged” and the cashier thought he would be taller in person, Scott wants to go whale watching with Jean on vacation which she thinks it’s “so romantic” & the issue starts out with the entire team playing “eXtreme” lazer tag which naturally, Jubilee is a master of. It’s an equal parts goofy and affectionate homage to that era of X-Men (which is THE X-Men era) that works on multiple levels. Artist Skott Koblish is perfect for this type of comic with a style that’s the right amount of cartoonish to sell the premise while still being finely detailed and dynamic. He gives the book it’s own look that’s an essential component of it’s aesthetic and establishes a pace that matches the fun in the writing. X-Men 92 is successful by almost every measure as it matches it’s ambition in it’s execution, another Secret Wars tie-in that works best by following it’s own vision.

Cosmo’s Gallery, 5-31-14

Inspired by this morning’s post in Hess House, I’ve been listening to the score of Batman Return. Still so, so beautiful.

I’ve got another diverse selection of art for you today. Some familiar names, some less so. Also, Skottie Young seems to have not made the cut this week. Odd, huh?

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Polaris Bill Sienkiewicz
Polaris by Bill Sienkiewicz

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Pull List Playlist Batman Edition

kotosoloAs stated previously Batman has always been a pretty great barometer of popular culture and how that translates to film can always be measured by the music used. In film and television music is used to set the mood and tone (unless your film is No Country For Old Men being that it is way to fucking awesome for any music that has ever been created) and the Batman movies are no different. Before Christopher Nolan took them in a sort of dark/modern pseudo Michael Manesque direction Batman on film used all kinds of different music in parlance with the time it was created and the style of the film. This is going to be an examination of the good, the bad and the terrible in Batman soundtracks over the years. Some of these songs were my jams as a kid, some are pretty emberrasing and some are still my jams now. More then anything what it shows is that Batman has always been big business in the entertainment industry and record labels where as willing to cash in on Bat’s and friends just as fast as the movie/television studios. This is a selection of Batman tunes that I think illustrate the evolution of the film soundtracks over the years.

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