Doctor Who The 9th Dr #1 Ongoing


By Cavan Scott, Adriana Melo, Matheus Lopes, Jimmy Betancourt

The 9th is back, with Rose Tyler and Capt. Jack Harkness to track the handsome time agent’s missing memory…

All of that kind of gets sidetracked by the (then-current) TARDIS crew arriving on a planet where “Doctor Who?” is the most popular TV show ever and the Doctor a local celebrity/hero/attention whore. When the real Doctor sees all this, he’s understandably bewildered and perturbed by these circumstances. While he and Jack get arrested for identity theft of all things, Rose goes solo to try to solve the mystery of the Doctor impostor.

Scott’s script is obviously a meta-commentary on the real life impact of the show and in other instances could come off as hackneyed. Here though, it plays as a tongue-in-cheek look at the show and the love it has from fans. Although Jack seems to have little to do in this issue, each character’s dialogue and personality feel authentic to what I’ve seen on the show from 2005-2006. The script pacing is brisk without feeling cramped, the cast moves from one exciting scenario to the next and keeps the story moving.

Art in these issues can be something of a mixed bag; some can be pretty bad aside from action poses, while others can be particularly great at times. Adriana Melo’s pencils can lack detail during moving group shots, but most of the time maintain a good consistency for backgrounds, anatomy and objects to the show. I like how she draws the cast without explicitly coping the actors likenesses, its a tough line to walk but Melo does it well, even differentiating between the actual Doctor and the fake one. She seems a natural fit for this series and l look forward to seeing her work in upcoming issues.

Overall, the issue feels like a bait-n-switch but what’s delivered is still satisfying for a Whovian like myself. Scott really seems to get the vibe from “Season 1” and it’s characters, and Melo’s art goes hand-in-hand with bringing them to life. A strong start that has me anxious to read more of.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

 Disclosure: Publisher Titan Comics provided an advance review copy of this comic to Nothing But Comics without any payment between the site and publisher or agreement on the review’s content.

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