This Week’s Finest: Neverboy #3

26240By Shaun Simon Tyler Jenkins, and Kelly Fitzpatrick

Do you remember the days when you would read comics, not to catch up on your favorite character or understand how the universe is all-new and different and still the same, but to just read comics? You might pick up a book, just a random comic, and would read it it out of curiosity to see what it was about. I miss the simplicity of that, because I feel like its a lost skill I have to reacquire. Thankfully Neverboy #3 exists to put me on the path.

I knew almost nothing about Neverboy going in, and I might know even less now. But, I really, really enjoyed reading it.

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Good Things Come In Small Packages: Adapting Marvel’s Runaways To TV

Runaways_Omnibus_Vol_1_1Perhaps you have heard of the comic book creator Brian K Vaughan. You may know him from such books as Y: The Last Man, Ex Machina or Pride of Baghdad. Maybe you are new to this whole comic thing, so I will give you the benefit of the doubt. Surely you have heard of Saga, the source of 5 Eisner wins for Vaughan. The great mind that brought you all of this comic genius also brought you the fabulous Runaways series, beginning back in 2003. Of all the magnificent work that Vaughan has put out over the years, Runaways is near the top. If you have not got your hands on Runaways, here is my suggestion, don’t buy any books this week, instead go and pick up as many volumes of Runaways that your shop has available. It will be far better than whatever you were going to pick up. Long time fans of Runaways and Brian K. Vaughan know how special this story is and the age old question sits on all our minds. When are we going to see these characters come to life on the screen?

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Win A Playstation 4 & Custom Skateboard (!?!?!?!) In The Witcher Art Contest

Dark Horse Comics is running an art contest for The Witcher video game property based on their ongoing comic series and companion source book they are publishing in conjunction with the game. Grand prize winners will receive a PS4, custom skateboard, a limited edition art book, Volume 1 of the comics collection and more. Details in the press release below. Continue reading Win A Playstation 4 & Custom Skateboard (!?!?!?!) In The Witcher Art Contest

Indubitable Issues




Cosmo says get stuck in the past with…
Rocket Girl 6Rocket Girl #6
This week kicks off the second arc of Brandon Montclare & Amy Reeder’s Image series. Rocket Girl is still stranded in the past after fixing the possible future of 2014. Only it’s time travel, so, I’m guessing that there are complications in store. The first arc was a fun, energetic romp, and I’m expecting no less from the new one . . . 

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