Review of Weavers #1

370599._SX640_QL80_TTD_ (1)by Si Spurrier, Dylan Burnett & Triona Farrell

BOOM! and writer Si Spurrier produce yet another great creator owned series in the writers Weavers, a gangster horror comic that defies expectations throughout it’s debut.

Weavers is the story of a crime family with deadly spider powers that shoot out of their hands and mutilate their foes. It follows a new Weavers member that is inexplicably brought into the organization through no fault of his own and forced to prove his allegiance. Like the writers work on The Spire & Cry Havoc; Weavers is packed with content, ideas, story, character work and engaging dialogue. Spurrier’s writing is engaging in just about every measure for the debut with it’s mix of wonder, humor and horror that’s come to be expected from the writer. Weavers jumps out the gate with an expansive cast and intricately detailed plot but Spurrier makes the comic flow naturally and with ease in his trademark style. He’s quickly becoming one of comics most interesting writers and is doing so almost exclusively on his own creations. Artist Dylan Burnett has a loose and rough cartoonish style in his work that is equally affective in it’s monster design as it is in showing conversation between the books different actors. Colorist Triona Farell uses dark blue hue’s for the urban setting while contrasting it with a vibrant bright and sinister looking red that is a treat for the eyes and gives the book a level or pronounced excitement every time she mixes bright and muted color tones.

Weavers is another highly original idea that Spurrier and co execute to near perfection with his gift for writing comics and the art teams singular style of visual storytelling.

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