This Week’s Finest: Secret Wars #2

Alex Ross

By Jonathan Hickman & Esad Ribic

After months of speculation, Everything Ended last week in Secret Wars #1, when the two Earths remaining in the Marvel Multiverse smashed into each other. The resulting Incursion tore apart anything in its path including the heroes’ last ditch stand to salvage something from the wreckage. It was an exciting, action-packed issue, which ended on a rather poignant note. However, as enjoyable as it was, it was not filled with that many surprises. Hickman did exactly what the publicity said he would: he annihilated the Marvel Universe. The real mystery was what would emerge from the ruins. Some hints had trickled out via advance solicits. For the most part, though, it was only today that Hickman pulled back the curtain to reveal just what this Battleworld would be. And so far, it is fascinating.

The issue opens with an initiation ceremony. A young man is being led to a familiar mythic hammer. He is found Worthy and is congratulated by King Thor. King Thor welcomes the young man into a select gathering made up entirely of Thors. They are the police force of this Kingdom, the enforcers of law and maintainers of peace. They do all this in service to a higher deity, in whose name they pledge allegiance. The rite ends with a scene of the assembled Thunder Gods, kneeling before a representation of their god: the stern, iron visage of Doctor Doom. It would seem that Victor’s showdown with The Beyonders did not go so badly for him after all.
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Fox Is Making A New Mutants Film

New_Mutants_087-01Newmutants10383Per Deadline, Fox studios will be doing a film based on the New Mutants X-Men offshoot directed by Josh Boone of The Fault In Our Stars. Vote on which version of the New Mutants you want to see below

Advanced Review of Archie Vs Predator #2

28402By Alex de Campi and Fernando Ruiz

Think back. Can you remember a time before you mixed bacon with ice-cream? You probably thought, “Eww. Those two don’t mix. I am not at all interested in that.” Well, do you remember that one time you did try it and it was the greatest thing your lips have ever touched? It was something you didn’t even know you wanted and now that you have the taste it is all you want. What? You have never tried bacon with ice-cream…strange. Archie vs Predator is my bacon with ice-cream. This is a book I didn’t know I wanted. I mean, I have fantasized multiple scenarios in which the whole Archie gang would meet their campy end. However, I was not aware until Archie Vs Predator that watching this gang be ripped apart by a Predator is exactly what I wanted. If you have not left your computer to start making bacon and ice-cream, then read on. No spoilers ahead.

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Indubitable Issues




Patrick doesn’t want to spoil…
666380_03b3cb1f2c81ca446aa61cf4dfd8f452a9f37534Harrow County #1
I’ve read this and it’s Cullen Bunn’s best comic yet

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