Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #3 Review


370584._SX640_QL80_TTD_by Kyle Higgins, Hendry Prasetya, Matt Herms, Ed Dukeshire, Steve Orlando, Corin Howell, Jeremy Lawson, Jim Campbell

The truth comes out about Tommy’s visions and Rita Repulsa’s lingering control over him. Can the other Rangers still trust him after these revelations?

Higgins script puts even more focus on Tommy’s fight to expunge Rita’s influence, with Trini acting as a makeshift doctor to learn about his condition. Much of the plot and even the actions of the side characters is being devoted to this, and I must confess it seems to be dragging on. Tommy is my favorite Power Ranger ever, but don’t these other 5 characters merit their own story-lines? It’s possible that each arc will be from a different character’s POV, but as this current one has gone on, more and more time has been spent on Tommy with little progress.

Prasetya’s art is once again a highlight of the issue, faithfully reproducing the rangers costumes and megazords. Even the villainous side characters Finnster and Squatt, that looked like cheap extras from Labyrinth have a menacing air about them. I love the storytelling used in the characters interacting with the megazords and the camera panning out to show how large they actually are. Prasetya’s art could be used as storyboards for the upcoming movie, it already captures how this world should look.

Surprisingly, I found myself enjoying the Bulk and Skull short by Orlando and Howell more than I thought I would. It continues the same premise as the last 3 chapters, but compared to the main plot actually seems to be advancing as well as giving the other characters besides Tommy something to do.

Maybe its the dream sequences, or just seeing Tommy face the same dilemma in four consecutive issues, but its hard to get into the story right now. If my favorite character and the lead protagonist of a story is boring, what does that say about the writing? Higgins’ brief glimpses at Goldar and Scorpina are nice touches to humanize them and explain what happened after their confrontations with the Rangers, that’s what I want more of. Stop treating characters like background dressing. The next issue promises a big fight and Tommy in a unprecedented situation losing control of the Dragon Zord, so my hopes are high that will satisfy in a way this issue didn’t.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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