This Weeks Finest: Wytches #6

Wytches 6by Scott Snyder, Jock & Matt Hollingsworth

I was born depressed, inherited by a group of Irish/Welsh immigrants that settled in middle America and managed to defy Darwinism to the extent that it got passed up my way. When I was a teenager I tried medication, hated the person I became on it, stopped taking them and then spent the next ten years trying to figure out how to beat my mental illness before going back to modern medicine. At a particular low point, when I was seeing a weird old therapist in the West Village who always asked about my sex life, I borrowed a book from the doctor about how positive thinking helped people be more successful. I wasn’t positive or successful so the premise made a lot of sense at the time. That book had possibly the best technique I had in fighting against depression, the power of positive perception. It sounds stupid but it’s actually a big part of beating depression 101. When depressed, you naturally distort your perception to skew negative. When your conscious of that, you can train yourself not to believe it. It’s weird but legitimately worked and helped me get through one of the most difficult periods of my lifetime. But it’s difficult because the truth is, when you are depressed, you see all the horrible things that others don’t. Eventually I couldn’t take it, I took medication and it worked, happy ending. Some people don’t go that route or do and it’s not enough. I don’t know enough about writer Scott Snyder’s personal life, I don’t know if he takes medication or if he has other coping mechanism’s. I do know two things; one is that he suffers from depression and anxiety because he talks about it very openly and two, that he’s managed to translate that into his work on Wytches in a way that is profoundly beautiful.

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Sneak Peeks: A Rundown of the new DC Previews


Whether you are a DC reader or not, one thing is for certain: Convergence is coming to an end. What does this mean for you? It means new DC titles are going to be hitting your local comic book shop. If you are like me and struggle to jump into DC books, there is no better time than now to dip your toe in and test that water. DC is even putting up some lengthy previews on Comixology, providing you a sneak peek of what is to come. To even further aid in your decision making, I have compiled a list below of the previews that excite me.

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Indubitable Issues




theotherbluth gets his wish with…
cA-Force #1
A while back I did a post regarding my picks for an all female “season” of Young Avengers, this book is about as close as I’ll get to seeing that dream come true, for now. This tie-in series looks like all kinds of fun, with the mightiest women of the Marvel universe teaming up for some serious heroing–that’s a verb right? A solid creative team, and a book with Shulkie, Miss America Chavez, and Medusa; need I say more?!?

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