Loose Ends 5/22/2014

Interview and some lovely preview art from artists Riley Rossmo from his upcoming Hellblazer relaunch-Pat

Wareen Ellis posted the script for issue #1 of Trees-Reed

Writer/superhero historian Mark Waid took to twitter to discuss parallels with Mad Men’s Don Draper & Superman via Spinoff-Pat

Simon Pegg on how geek culture is “infantilizing” entertainment-Josh

Writer Jill Pantozi of The Mary Sue on why the site will no longer cover Game Of Thrones after episode six’s rape scene-Pat

Alex Pappademas on the film Tomorrow Land where he gets to write “Bird and Lindelof share story credit with Entertainment Weekly writer Jeff Jensen, who caught Lindelof’s eye with his grandly theoretical close readings of Lost episodes and is therefore the TV-recapping equivalent of The Last Starfighter.”-Pat

Matt Fraction on Late Night With Seth Myers-Pat

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