Preview: Book Of Death #1

BOOK OF DEATH #1 (of 4)
Cover A by ROBERT GILL (MAY151586)
Cover B by CARY NORD (MAY151587)
Cover C by CLAYTON CRAIN (MAY151588)
Character Design Variant by PAOLO RIVERA (MAY151591)
Valiant Icons Variant by PERE PEREZ (MAY151592)
Artist Variant by PAOLO RIVERA (MAY151593)
Blank Cover also available (MAY151590)
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Crisis, Contrivance, or Convience?


Another Summer, another few semi-annual comic events gone by. Coming up, Summer relaunches! A new beginning for the Big 2, and an important one for DC. But we’ve been here before, will this time be any different?

In 2011, as was traditional after a Multiverse shattering/rearranging event, DC rebooted their Universe and comic line spanning several genres and off-kilter characters. Some of this books were very good (or at least interesting), while a high percentage were slow-going or uninspired. Appropriately, DC axed several of these low selling titles until their line become much more homogenous and brand recognized. Continue reading Crisis, Contrivance, or Convience?

This Week’s Finest: Deadly Class #13

STK671547By Rick Remender and Wes Craig

Spoilers ahead. Sorry, I just can’t do it without.

Deadly Class kicks deadly ass. If you aren’t reading this book, Alex, then you should probably consider, Alex, catching up, Alex, so that you do not miss any more of this fantastic experience, Alex. Issue #12 was my favourite issue when it came out last month and this week, issue #13 is even better. There were so many great books today. In total I read 26 different comic books. With a stack of “contenders” piling up I reached Deadly Class. Upon completion I put that stack of “contenders” back in their box because as soon as I finished Deadly Class I knew. It wasn’t just great, it was special.

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