An Interview with Mike Lunsford

es&sMike Lunsford is the writer of a the noir supernatural detective comic, Ethan Stone, PI  and editor of the Great Geek Refuge. Nothing But Comics emailed him with a few questions.

What was the major inspiration behind Ethan Stone?

So Ben was at school in New Jersey (The Joe Kubert School of Comic Book Art and Design) and he was assigned to come up with an original character and story. The original was, basically, Ethan and Seth. I love Ben to death, he’s like my brother…but it sucked. He admits this, and he called me and asked if I could help him, he knew my background with writing and I started changing the script. What you see in issue 1 is basically what I came up with, with the exception of a few edits here and there.

The reason I kept working on it though was I am a huge fan of the supernatural. It’s fascinated me since I was a kid and Ethan was a great excuse to write stories about it. Continue reading An Interview with Mike Lunsford

Freeze Frame 5/29/2015

From Fight Club 2 #1 by Cameron Stewart
From Fight Club 2 #1 by Cameron Stewart

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