Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #4 Review


By Kyle Higgins, Hendry Prasetya, Matt Herms, Ed Dukeshire, Steve Orlando, Corin Howell, Jeremy Lawson, Jim Campbell

The infighting, tension and deceptions come to a head as the rangers must unite before all is lost.

Finally, Tommy seems to have shaken off Rita’s lingering influence over him. Albeit in a pretty cliched and anticlimactic way. Its just in time as the rest of the Rangers have stop the rogue Dragonzord piloted by Scorpina and three giant Sharkmen attacking Angel Grove.

I’m hoping after this arc, we won’t see any more of this Green Ranger double agent stuff. At first it was cool, as the audience was aware of it before the rest of the cast but then the tension goes away as soon the main character’s find out and do…nothing. It’s seemingly resolved rather quickly and to little effect other than Jason and Zack now being open about doubting Tommy’s position on the team. Add to that, the series could use a new POV as its very Tommy-centric and leaves the other characters lacking in connecting to the audience. By far, Tommy is the most popular because of his portrayal on the show but if this comic is retooling the property for a new audience it still doesn’t make sense to ignore the other five characters who are just as important and existed fine without Tommy anyway.

Prasetya’s art is thankfully still a huge draw for this book. The costumes look great, the villains (incredibly fake and unimposing in the show) actually all look menacing here. The scenes of the Dragonzord rampaging through Angel Grove at night seemed purposefully like a homage to Godzilla films which looked fantastic. The scenes with the other Rangers fighting the Sharkmen in their individual Zords was a nice change of pace and framed very well. I can’t say enough for the trio of Prasetya, Herms and Dukeshire for making this look as great as it does. It would be so easy for this material to look corny or haphazard (like it often does in live-action) but they make it look so much cooler.

There’s an interesting cliffhanger at the end, which unfortunately reminds me of The Avengers right before the climax was set up. My hopes are that this will conclude the arc and Higgins will start a new direction for the series. Handled a different way, Tommy’s problems could’ve run the entire series and been a really engaging part. Now I’m ready for them to end and see someone else take center stage like Billy or Trini.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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