The Grant Morrison Boom! Comic Is Actually Happening

klaus-0d106Grant Morrison of Multiversity, Nameless, Annihalator, All Star Superman, Batman, X-Men, Animal Man, The Invisisble, We3 & oh so much more goodness has announced his new Boom! series that was teased out last year. It’s called Klaus and he describes it as “Santa Claus Year One”. More details at CBR

8 thoughts on “The Grant Morrison Boom! Comic Is Actually Happening”

  1. Hmm, could be brilliant, could be a mess. Yep, it’s a Grant Morrison book.

    Seriously, though, I’ll most likely check this out . . .

  2. Do you guys know that gazing into your dogs eyes and vice verse releases the love hormone in both humans and dogs. Not so with wolves. Bad wolf, bad wolf.

      1. They didn’t do the testing with cats yet but I assume it is similar. Cats obviously don’t like close eye contact so the gazing would have to be a little further away of course. This has something to do with domestication (so even hand reared wolves and foxes never develop this). I was listening to NPR a few months back and there were some scientists on talking about how dogs prefer to be around humans rather than other dogs and if I remember correctly cats were slightly different but very similar though.

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