Rick and Morty #16 Review


By Kyle Starks, CJ Cannon, Marc Ellerby, Ryan Hill, CRANK!

What if The Pursuit of Happyness involved a boy, his drunken, misanthropic grandfather and suppositories? This issue shows you exactly that…

Morty is tired of Rick always bringing him on these weird, pointless adventures so Rick can score. He asks Rick to do something that could actually help people, instead of helping himself. Eventually, Rick is convinced to just this once, go on an adventure that will help others. Although he doesn’t immediately grasp why he should take a distraught Summer with them. They go to a distant planet and things get nuts.

The crux of this issue is how people search for happiness. Rick wants drugs, Summer wants someone to love and Morty wants Rick to do something altruistic. It’s not incredibly deep, but it is funny how everything shakes out.

CJ Cannon continues his art duties and they’re still pitch perfect for the series. He’s able to tap into the range of emotions the characters go through in a typical story without sacrificing the comedy that results from said reactions. His ability to draw the bizarre, psychotropic creatures only helps to make this the best Rick and Morty comic it can be. Props for making an obvious Doctor Who parody…obvious with some choice wardrobe and vehicle designs.

This series has been on a roll for I-don’t-know-how-long and I’m loving it. The megaseeds callbacks seemed a bit derivative, maybe because that’s one of my favorite episodes and Summer running off with an opportunistic alien looking for an easy lay is questionable, but overall I found this issue delightful. I’m curious if there will be a part two or if Summer will just show up randomly in a future issue, or worse I’ll have to read a spin-off to find out. Nonetheless, this is another stellar issue for Rick and Morty fans that gives you everything you’d expect from the show.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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