Suicide Squad #1 Review


By Rob Williams, Jim Lee, Scott Williams, Alex Sinclair, Nate Piekos

Worst heroes ever. Worst narration ever. Worst art ever. Worst Squad ever…

It’s very rare that I read a truly bad comic, much less write a review of one since I usually find better things to do. With Suicide Squad in movie theaters, you’d think DC would step up the current series. Instead, they pretty blatantly switch the book’s roster to match the film’s and end up throwing all of the problems of that movie back in the readers face.

Where the movie had the actor’s performances to carry a certain charm (and a killer soundtrack), this comic only has Williams’ script and Lee’s art. I could forgive the previous issue for being mostly set-up by trying to reacquaint readers with Task Force X and put it more in line with classic continuty, it was pretty boring but not offensive. This one is actually pretty offensive.

The book deals with Amanda Waller thinking (very dramatically) how there’s evil in the world and how she uses it to fight other evil. Then she pulls various inmates of Belle Reve out of oversized, high-tech cells and gives them a ridiculously impossible mission stealing a cosmic object. It feels like a Kevin Smith comic with a lack of subtlety and over-abundance of toilet humor. Killer Croc is willing to go anywhere except space, so they end up going into space briefly where he almost chokes on vomit. Captain Boomerang has always been a bit of a shitheel, but he actually craps his pants in the story and its not even funny. Katana’s there, which is never explained or really acknowledged.

It’s clear Jim Lee wants to meet monthly deadlines and set an example, but his art suffers for it. It looks like someone imitating his style, instead of someone with more than 20 years drawing comics. His art here is muddled and uninspired, lacking the hyper detail and action focused camera that is prevalent in his more famous works. I know he’s making the effort, but he fails to surpass Philip Tan’s Rebirth work in the one-shot.

The book has these weird little details; Harley calls everyone Puddin and plays a Pokemon Go style game, Boomerang watches a Soccer game while in a spaceship, Rick Flagg rushes to save someone he’s never met because he’s the leader and plays by the rules. You could almost read this issue and think the creator’s are doing a spoof of Suicide Squad by how nonsensical it seems. The characters seem to lack any of the history or personality  they had even a scant few issues ago, but by extension shows how much better David Ayer did in adapting the same characters to a movie that has been torn to shreds critically. It’s disappointing to see a comic get overshadowed by the movie that’s based on it, despite both having similar shortcomings.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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