Rick and Morty #17 Review


By Kyle Starks, CJ Cannon, Marc Ellerby, Katy Farina, CRANK!

Can Kyle Starks write all the Rick and Mortys? Kyle Starks and Rick and Morty FOREVER!

The Rick and Morty comic roll continues, as the latest writer dials things to 11 and it works on every level.

The issue starts with Rick telling the family that having sentient machines do all your work for you is actually slavery. To prove his point, he endows the coffee maker and Summer’s cell with personal awareness and leaves to grab Morty for an adventure. After giving Morty a vaccine, and a huge speech on the importance of condoms, they leave to deliver a message to one of Rick’s old friends. Space hijinks ensue, with Rick’s depravity setting new lows. The issue ends with a short about how Jerry is actually a crappy husband and father, and how a robot is actually a huge step up from him.

Cannon, Farina, Ellerby are a one-two-three punch in this issue. It’s subtle in the way that Cannon and Ellerby approach these characters, they’re worlds apart but both emulate the style of the show very well. Cannon’s work appears more kinetic, and composed. Ellerby’s more intimate and in a way more flat in terms of his line-work ,not quality. Both work with what they’re given to an impressive degree and both stories give them the chance to shine and play with the eclectically off-kilter cast. Both of them sell the comedy beats that Starks sets on every page in the script, but its Cannon and Ellerby that make them come alive. Last but not least are Farina’s colors on Cannon’s art, using an expansive almost neon like palette. Deep red-purples, light blue-greens,mixed with sky blues, its like 90s paint swatches lined up next to each other but it works so well. It’s subtle how much the color choices add to the art but they add in a large flavor to them regardless. In short, every part of the creative team is firing on all cylinders.

While the previous issue was nothing to sneeze at, this issue completes the circuit. It’s perfect; humor, family drama, plot-twists (expected or otherwise), and a political observation of robots unstated role in almost every Sci-Fi story. It’s not only an awesome Rick and Morty comic, this issue is an awesome comic period. Also, always wear a condom. That is most excellent advice brah…

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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