Aquaman #6 Review


Dan Abnett, Brad Walker, Andrew Henessey, Gabe Eltaeb, Pat Brosseu

Aquaman vs (the new) Superman. The real fight we’ve all wanted to see…

Abnett gives us yet another straightforward action issue and I can’t help smiling when reading it. “Aquaman vs Superman”. Realistically its a fight that, like Batman vs Superman, shouldn’t even happen. A guy that moves planets shouldn’t sweat fighting a guy who lives in the Ocean. Yet, the two fight and it is glorious. That’s really the main attraction this issue and what more do you need?

Brad Walker seems to take the chance the script provides for some great splash pages and they look impressive. It really does feel like a battle of titans when Arthur and Superman hit each other. Walker pans the scene out to show the damage Aquaman already caused playing with kid gloves, but against Superman he can actually let loose even more since he’s fighting a tougher opponent. Even Mera gets in some licks defending her fiancee. The art and script function in tandem here and it works well for a fun issue of two heroes hitting each other.

Even with that premise, its not all fisticuffs. Arthur really is facing a ticking clock as Atlantis is prepared to wage a war for the return of their king and Black Manta isn’t sitting idle either although Arthur may not know it yet. The US has declared Aquaman a terrorist and Arthur vents about how he’s often overlooked and unappreciated as a member of the Justice League and it works well at establishing where he’s coming from in this arc. It’s probably not a meta-commentary on Aquaman’s real life profile, but its still engaging as an inner conflict and physical conflict for Arthur to overcome.

With him back in the Sea’s, let’s hope he can regain his cool, figure out what happened to those missing sailors and find those responsible.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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