Loose Ends 10/2/2015

After much talk on the internet, Jane Asselin focuses squarely on Scott Allie of Dark Horse Comics and allegations of his harassing behavior with a direct quote from comics writer Joe Harris at Graphic Policy-Pat

Scott Allie apologizes via CBR-Pat

And Dark Horse president/founder Mike Richardson makes a long form statement at comics beat about Dark Horse Comics and their policy on harassment-Pat

Also at ComicsBeat, Hedi McDonald goes in deeper on her own history in the industry and the harassment she witnessed first hand, heard about and how it’s hurt comics-Pat

Marcy Cook writes about how comics need to move on from it’s current culture of harassment at the Mary Sue-Pat

On the Oh, Comics podcast, Swapna Krishna & Preeti Chhibber talk about the complicated nature of comics harassment problem-Pat

After seeing her online harasser Chris Sims ascend in comics, writer Valerie Dorazio says goodbye to the medium-Pat

On a lighter note, our own Reed Beebe is quoted in David Harper’s article about comics letter columns at SKTCHD-Pat

Alex De Campi and friends talk pay rates in comics on twitter-Pat

Chris Ryan writes about the brilliant Sicario and it’s similarities to Apocalypse Now at Grantland-Pat

Angela Watercutter writes about how Sicario was the True Detective Season two we deserved on Wired-Pat

Cheryl Eddy writes about the five scariest cults in modern history at I09-Pat

Steve Hyden writes about how Radioheads Kid A changed how music was consumed and digested via the internet at Grantland-Pat

Chip Zdarsky talks about why he wouldn’t accept the Harvey Award because it wouldn’t credit Sex Criminals partner Matt Fraction-Pat

PC Gamer highlights a Kickstarter for an open world RPG computer game from the perspective of a stray dog called Home Free-Pat

Axel Alonso talks All New, All Different Marvel on the Andy Greenwald podcast-Pat

While my favorite podcast Do You Like Prince Movies with Alex Pappedemas & Wesley Morris records it’s final episode-Pat

15 thoughts on “Loose Ends 10/2/2015”

  1. The Martian was awesome. I had a big smile on my face during the whole movie. It’s really about hope and perseverance in the face of overwhelming odds. Pretty wonderful. Best moment was ” going Ironman”. We have superhero references in non superhero movies.. What a world we’re living in.

  2. Man, Pat wasn’t kidding about “Sicario”. Great movie. Way better than that crap “Apocalypse Now” “I hate the sound of weird, dark overrated movies at any time of the day”.. I’m also talking to you “Deer Hunter” and you “Raging Bull”. The Deer Hunter and the Raging Bull should play Russian roulette with Apocalypse Now. Anyway, man, “Sicario”. What great camera work. What great acting. What great music.
    Hey, I’m a genius. I know how to stop Sicario. LEGALIZE ALL DRUGS! Put the cartels out of business and stop the CIA from bankrolling sick covert ops (like they already have been doing with drug sales to Americans). Patriots?!?

    1. Glad you liked it. It’s hard to imagine the feature image above being any more badass but once you see the movie, it becomes about a hundred times cooler. Yeah, acting & camera work is stunning. Everything Benicio Del Toro does in the film is master class in subtlety. Also gets the the best lines “This will sound strange to your American ears…..this is a land of wolves now” ect

      1. Ya, Del Toro was impressive. Everyone seemed to raise their game. These may have been the best performances I’ve seen out of Blunt and Brolin as well. That is a credit to the director.

        Some great lines, ya. Nothing seemed forced. I was almost upset it was over so quick. They edited everything down to really essential stuff pretty masterfully. Definitely the True Detective Season 2 we deserved? Desired!

  3. Thank you guys for continuing to cover these harassment scandals here. As someone who isn’t on twitter or other social media, these collections of articles have been a valuable resource for me.

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