Ghostbusters International #9 Review


By Erik Burnham, Dan Schoening and Erik Evensen, Luis Antonio Delgado, Neil Uyetake and Robbie Robbins

It’s been awhile since I covered this book since it’s taken me this long to actually pick up all the proceeding issues (I insist on buying the floppies), but it’s a good time to review as there’s actually a lot happening now.

Egon has been abducted by a mysterious spirit and his friends can’t rescue him because it’s really hard to read his notes; which is where Burnham fanboys the hell out of the story and just has “our” Ghostbusters travel to another dimension to borrow “their” Egon to help (which they can do because of the Ghostbusters Get Real mini). So the NYC team and the Chicago branch head overseas to find a map and key required to retrieve the book that Egon was taken to help collect.

So while the NYC team deals with a Aztec demigod in Chile, the Chicago branch heads to Japan to deal with a vengeful ghostly guardian. Hilarity and busting ensue, with Burnham throwing a nice movie reference when the NYC team meets that Aztec god.

Schoening and Evensen split the art duties here for the Chile and Japan sections respectively. I’m naturally biased for Schoening’s style since he’s drawn the characters for so long, but Evensen’s had a nice Manga-like quality to it. The only complaint I have is how he drew Kylie, everyone besides Schoening that draws her either makes her look too sexy or too old which are two weird extremes. Just have her be an adorkable late-20’s woman with pale skin. Delgado’s colors give a cohesive feel to the different art styles. It really would’ve been weird seeing the ghosts and lasers not matching up in the same book.

Overall, this issue advances the plot nicely and Burnham throws in a few twists in the story to keep it lively. It doesn’t top the previous issue, which had me chortle several times on the first three pages, but its still well done. The stakes are getting higher and the players are slowly reaching the endgame (and an expensive payday, who knew you could get rich saving the World?). I like the little throwaway lines, like that Ray and Venkman joke to cover their concern for Egon’s safety or Winston suggesting they tell the Aztec demigod that Ray is a god. Still one of my favorite books being published right now.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great, Excellent

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