Green Arrow #8 Review


By Benjamin Percy, Otto Schmidt, Nate Piekos

Ollie and Dinah get some time alone on a remote island, but will it help their relationship?

Percy wasn’t lying when he explained Black Canary’s presence in this series, every time she’s part of the story it improves automatically. Honestly if this whole issue was just her and Green Arrow having a Blue Lagoon moment I would’ve been fine with that. The two are like old lovers gradually reconnecting from a double dose of amnesia, which in a way they are. There’s a moment we don’t see, where Oliver said something to upset Dinah when they were in a romantic mood. Instead of just storming off from each other, Ollie scoffs and Dinah has to give him the moment, to try to get back in the moment. It’s inspired writing because it doesn’t take the easy way out and just have them step out of the fight. They  figure they’re the only ones on this island, they gotta make the best of it.

As it turns out, John Diggle is there along with some other curious visitors.

Otto Schmidt is back on art and that’s always a good thing. His style takes on a Mike Grell-like quality to it, which I don’t know if its intentional since Grell drew a famous Green Arrow story set on said island or if Schmidt just felt like making a change. Either way, instead of a Pop Art comic, this is more sketchy and rough in the jungle while the beach scenes are “softer” and comparatively lighter. Schmidt chooses the colors for both and knocks em out of the park. You really get the sense that Oliver and Dinah are enjoying and connecting with each other, while outside of that its a desperate fight for survival.

This marks the first time I’ve seen Percy’s Green Arrow intersect much with the show Arrow, which uses flashbacks every episode (usually on Oliver’s time on the island) to tie his past and present together. I want to say three of the five seasons were focused on the island for the flashbacks, which is a lot of well-covered ground and I’m not sure what else Percy could do here that the show already hasn’t. I say that, because the cliffhanger seems like one I would see on the show minus a dangerous artificial animatronic bear. It’s not really a criticism, more an observation. The issue is still an enjoyable read with the scenes of Oliver and Dinah together and if Percy chooses to focus this arc on them, the island and Diggle; it could be a memorable tale.

Rating: Poor, Fair, Good, Great,  Excellent

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